Friday, 11 July 2014

Living For The Weekend

This weekend sees the return of the Heart of Valorous buff, so now is a good time to collect the weeks worth of valor as I am in no doubt those supplies of Timeless Coins are at an all time low. I have chewed my way through 400,000 timeless coins in the 3,000 coins for 100 valor bonanza.

I would normally be quite happy to see this buff, but my realm had this buff all last weekend  as well. Was last week a glitch? Have I exploited Blizzard? Was it a test for this week? Did they simply forget to tell anyone about it? These Time Sensitive Buffs become an integral part of your game plan, then they disappear unexpectedly or appear after you collect the weeks valor. I assumed last week was a 4th July Brucie Bonus, but I was still expecting it to be there on Monday.

Any chance Blizzard might share it's master plan with us and allow us to plan around their mood swings?


On a separate topic completely, I have now claimed my 2nd Legendary cloak for my Shaman, but I am not sure I ordered the right one.

I am essentially Restoration, but it was so hard to keep 2 sets up-to-date in MoP. I am so very pleased that only Trinkets will be spec specific.

I chose the Elemental version because I am unlikely to do too much more raiding on this character, but I can enjoy another 10 levels of hurling lightning bolts in this cloak.

I really hope I did the right thing, and besides, it is quite awhile since I ran out mana, so Spirit would be wasted.
Finishing of the Legendary Quest line I opted for Healing against the Celestials and really enjoyed it. I just wish it was easier to add Wrathion to my Healbot bar rather than try to use the default UI.

Hint to Blizzard, if you are tweaking the UI, think about introducing a Healing interface, it might help on your Healer recruitment drive.

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  1. Congrats on your second cloak. If you are resto and you took that one you took the wrong one. But the good thing is, at least you are elemental offspec so it is good for that. I use that DPS one on my disc priest.

    I agree. If blizzard added something in game that can be modified to you liking like a heal bot or vhudo than it would help greatly in people giving healing a try.