MoP Resource Kit

Just a small resource to help find some good guides and articles on the Mists of Pandaria expansion


Levelling from 525 - Zen using the Way
Levelling from 1 - Zen
Noodle Cart


A quick guide to Pandaren Archaeology


Where to catch the Pandarian fish

Pet Battles

How to get started
Solo Raids for Combat Pets


Getting Started at Level 90
Exalted with the Lorewalkers
Lorewalker items whilst Levelling
Order of the Cloud Serpent
Quartermasters and where to find them
Nat Pagle and the Anglers
The Anglers
Klaxxi Review
Shado-Pan Review
Summary of Reputation Hubs
Review of August Celestials
Krasarang Quest Hub
5.1 New Quest Hubs
Operation: ShieldWall
The Dominance Offensive - Review
Work Orders
Isle of Thunder Rare Spawns
Troves of Thunder King


Farming for Alts
Making best Friends with the Tillers
Farming Part I
Farming Part II
Changes in 5.2

Timeless Isle

Events and Rare Spawns
Timeless Isle Guide

Class Guides

MMO Melting Pot
Icy Veins

Raid Guides

Icy Veins

Gems and Enchants

Gem Design Priorities

Gear Guides

Mage II
MoP Darkmoon Trinkets
Gearing Alts
Wrathion and the Legendary Questline
Gear in 5.3
How to get a Legendary on a Boosted Alt


TradeSkillMaster 2

General Interest

What is the Alliance Missing? part 1
What is the Alliance Missing? part 2
What is the Alliance Missing? part 3
Timeless Isle Preview
Prepare for Patch 5.4


Riches of Pandaria

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