WoD Resource Kit


Pre-patch 6.0.2 - Useful information provided by WoWHead
Patch 6.0.3 - Blizzard Blog


Garrisons 101 - Alternative Chat and a beginners guide to Garrisons
Garrison - Followers - Alternative Chat and a guide to Followers
Garrison - Work Orders - WoW Insider guide to Work Orders
Garrison - Buildings - WoW Insider guide to Buildings
Garrison - Resources - WoW Insider spills the beans on obtaining resources
Garrison - Part 1 - Blizzard guide to Garrisons Part 1
Garrison - Part 2 - Blizzard guide to Garrisons Part 2
Garrison - Part 3 - Blizzard guide to Garrisons Part 3
Garrison - Alchemy & the Lab - Grumpy run down of required resources
Garrison - Tailoring & Emporium - Grumpy looks at Tailoring
Garrison - Leatherworking & Tannery - Grumpy looks at all things Leather (not those things)
Garrison - Blacksmithing & Forge - Grumpy gets hot and dirty in the forge
Garrison - Inscription & Scribes Quarters - Grumpy shows what is going on with the pen pusher
Garrison - Medium Buildings - Grumpy looks at the role of Medium Buildings
Garrison - Large Buildings - Grumpy looks at the role of Large Buildings
Garrison - Ideas and Builds - Grumpy gives his ideas and tips


What to do at Level 100? -  WoW Insider gives an excellent guide to getting started


Ground Mounts - WoW Insider guide to Ground Mounts, no flying, expect more ground mounts


Toybox Starter - WoW Insider guide to get 20 easy toys to start your collection


Hunter Pets - WoW Insider guide to Hunter Pets, obviously the most important part of any expansion

Class Guides

Icy Veins - One of the best Class guides updated for WoD, go checkout your class here

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