Thursday, 24 July 2014

Blitzkrieg Bop

Last night I was struggling for time and the last thing that I needed was an Asshat to spoil my fun (I will get to this later). Blizzard often talk about spoiling the fun aspect, not letting real issues spoil the fun, reporting players for spoiling the fun. I am curious is WoW fun any more? do we play out of a sense of duty?

Since my post on the PvP Posse riding through Hordeville on a steamroller, I am getting occasional shouts to do some Battlegrounds. Having brushed off several of these shouts, it felt like I really should give something back to these guys. I usually dust of my Resto Shaman for such occasions, but back in the day, I was quite handy with my Hunter, a real PitA if not a wreaking ball. After the first win I was really getting into the swing of things, I am still without gear but with the other guys around it was not a problem. Beo and Stormy were awesome as usual but the teaming up with an old guild mate Grizlyadams the "Singing Jock" that really put the icing on the cake.

Warsong Gulch is a traditional Horde stronghold, 3-0 to the Alliance with the Alliance camping the Graveyard. How many times have I been on the receiving end of such torture? Eye of the Storm, another strategic battle that for some reason favours the more organised Horde, not that day. It was an unstoppable Juggernaut of a team. For some reason it was mostly Russian Horde players that were getting a whooping, which considering what is going on in the world gives me additional pleasure.

As in game and real life the most enjoyment comes from doing something that you had really low expectations of, and really did not want to do, and then having a good time. The opposite is also true about something that you really want to do, turns into a turgid piece of crap. Expectations and the management of expectations are the key to having a good stable life. Is it any wonder that musicians take drugs, having played to thousands of baying fans, sitting down with a mineral water for a game of chess is not going to cut it.

Back to my opening statement and the Asshat, we have all seen them before, they do exist in WoW in what appears to be large numbers and they mostly like to live in LFR, so we can at least choose to avoid them. This new Asshat and I have no issue giving him (lets face it a female gamer has better things to do than cause distress to others) some publicity. Huntyoutohel from Magtheridon-EU, I name you Dickhead of the week.

What is the hideous crime? Simply ninja pulling Ordos every two minutes.
Pull>Die>Spirit Run>Rez>Pull
What possible benefit to you get from this activity? It was not even a faction suicide, kill yourself to get 15-20 Horde, I can almost see some benefit to that, pulling a World Boss onto your own faction is just boredom on a new scale.

I was curious to find out what Blizzard's official stance on this kind of behaviour, because forgive I don't think Blizzard have a good reputation when they talk about breaking the ToS and then don't bother to act upon it. The rules are in place, but we don't want to upset paying customers.

I have an idea if you don't want to give out 1 or 2 week bans, simply give a realm transfer to a Bad Boys PvP realm for Juvenile offenders. A Borstal for gamers who do not know how to play nicely with the other kids. You can even let the GM's grief the players as part of the punishment, it is better than any executive stress busting toys. How about keep them in the game and create an area in Capital Cities, were we can slap them in stocks and chuck rotten fruit at the characters. The characters even remain online after the offender logs off.

It is about time that Blizzard gives the paying customer some of the fun they keep promising and punish those that want to spoil the experience for everybody else.


  1. Blizzard will do nothing to that person. There was a mage that was chain joining ordos groups doing that a few weeks back. I got in 3 groups with him, a guild mate got in 2 groups with him and a few others said he was in their group. We all reported him for pulling, people in all the groups we were in reported him for pulling. All in all I would have to say that well over 100 people reported him for being a complete jackass and blizzard did absolutely nothing. Not even a 2 hour ban. He is still doing it and someone even saw him in a group this week but said something soon enough so he got kicked before he pulled. All he does is join groups to pull.

    Blizzards stance on this is basically "that is how he likes to have fun and we can not tell him not to play the game he wants to."

    It does not matter that he is wasting the time of hundreds of other people, wasting the gold of hundreds of other people, and basically ruining the fun of hundreds of other people. Blizzard does not care. That is why the toxic community of LFRs is so bad and they do absolutely nothing about it. They just do not give a shit. As long as you keep paying them they do not care if someone ruins your day because that person is paying them too, they are playing blizzard for the right to ruin your day and blizzard does not want to take that away from them.


    1. I am always thinking that I am being overly negative about a company that makes a game that I enjoy so much that I can be bothered to write about. If I didn't care I just wouldn't bother.

      What strikes me is that I appear to have a low threshold for this kind of pain. You have always been through a worse experience than me, and still you write and play every week. I have bad luck (most of the time) but if I had your luck, I would have been institutionalised by now.

      Blizzard really need to stand by their rules and stop this behaviour right now, because WoD is going to have even more World Bosses for people to mess about with.

    2. Who says I am not writing from an institution. ;)

      You complain because you like the game and you want to see improvements. It is the same reason I complain. Some times people do not understand that. If I did not care about the game I would not complain about it. It is when you stop complaining that you will quit. As long as you are still willing to complain about it, that means you will keep playing and you still enjoy the game over all.

      Now, with that said, I am a stubborn person. I am mule man. The worse my luck gets the more I push against it because I want to beat that bad luck. However, I am sure some day I will meet my limit and give up but for the moment I fight against the bad luck and for as much as I hate it with a passion it is the bad luck that keeps me going.