Friday, 30 August 2013


Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?

Limited play time last night resulted in a change of tack. I noticed during the day that in my quest to gear my Alts, I had neglected to modify their gear accordingly. I was originally working on the proviso that it was not worth enchanting or gemming Blue quality gear due to the likelihood of swapping out the gear with alarming frequency, now I have 10 at max level the chances of taking a particular class out for a quick is much diminished. Can I really forsake 170 Haste here and there, when over 6 items that adds up to over 1000 of a lesser stat.

My aim was to eradicate all the red exclamations on the Battle net character screens. This proved to be a much taller order I first predicted. Below is a summary of the juggling that I needed to do:

  1. Living Steel Belt Buckles - Logon to Blacksmith
  2. Living Steel - Logon to Alchemist to make Living Steel for said Belt Buckles
  3. Shoulder Enchants - Logon to Scribe to make Enchants, visit ink trader to obtain better inks
  4. Leg Enchants -  Tailor and Leatherworker required depending on the class and spec of alt
  5. Gem - Logon to Jewelcrafter to make gems
  6. Meta Gem - Run out of meta gems and need Alchemist to make some more, remembering to send gems to Alchemist first
  7. Enchants for Weapon and Armour - Logon to enhanter
  8. Velums - run out of velums, logon to random character still in Stormwind and purchase from the enchanting shop
  9. Search AH for cheap upgrades- logon to random character in Stormwind
  10. Start process again for any new purchaed items
I am very aware of the need to have something useful for all the professions to do (with the exception of Engineering) but for every new item we have this run around to polish the gear from Epic to uber-Epic, and that is without Transmog and Reforging.

I am estimating that this process took in the region of about 90 minutes, for what amounted to 8 characters.

In preparation for patch 5.4, I noticed the following tucked away near the bottom of a very long list:

The conversion rate for Justice Points to Honor Points have changed. The conversion rate is now 500 Justice per 250 Honor (up from 375 Justice per 250 Honor).

In itself it is not a big change, and due to the early part of the expansion having nothing useful to spend Justice points on, I was shuffling the Justice Points to Honor to purchase better PvP gear. Now with Justice points being available to buy lower level Epics, I want to push the currency the other way. This will save on wastage with the conversion, and to be honest there is too much to do in game without starting to do Battlegrounds as well.

All this preparation is for the change of reputation Epics to be available for Justice Points, the following from the patch notes is not exactly clear in my head:

Adjustments have been made to Mists of Pandaria faction quartermasters.
  • Epic quality (purple) Valor items sold by the Shado-Pan Assault now have their reputation requirements reduced to Friendly or below, and have their Valor Point cost reduced by 34%.
  • Epic quality (purple) Valor items sold by all other Mists of Pandaria faction quartermasters no longer have reputation requirements, and will now cost Justice Points instead of Valor.
  • Rare quality (blue) items have their Justice Point cost reduced by 75%.
  • No changes for items that require an Exalted reputation.
Does this include The Shado Pan Assault, The Kirin Tor Assault and Operation:Shieldwall? The implication is Yes, but not the Exalted items.  I assume that the items that will be available are Rings, Trinkets and Necklaces. I guess those of us not using the PTR will just have to wait and see what happens.

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