Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Why Don't You Get A Job?

I won't play, I won't play, no way
Operation: Shieldwall, is the Alliance part of the new content patch 5.1. There are four daily quest hubs:

  1. Lion's Landing
  2. Ruins of Ogudei
  3. Bligewater Operations
  4. Dominance Point
I personally enjoy these quests and the the reputation rewards are suitably good enough to keep the reputation bar ticking over (unlike the Golden Lotus). The one exception to this, is the Ruins of Ogudei, which I find to be quite painful.

The reason for this is the amount of respawn in the area. Every mob comes in multiples and they even have the twin thugs with umbilical cord still attached. The quests are provided below:

Quest Giver

The Spirit Trap which requires you to destroy 3 Spirit Traps are always depleted when you find one. If you are lucky enough to find one, then they spew out mobs which will invariably mix with the patrols and the mobs that like to respawn on your head, plus all the slaves like to become active as well.

It Is A Mystery, is one quest that I could not fully understand. I never found the anomaly which was probably dead if the rest of the cave is anything to go by, and the readings are damn difficult to work out when there are various levels to the cave. I abandoned this quest and the next time got the more friendly Shackles of the Past.

Eviction Notice, this is fairly straightforward once you have fought your way to the 2 level of hell, then you get the chance to commit genocide on Blood Elves which in my opinion is worth the price of admission alone. The respawn rate is very high and if you work your way into the cave too far you will need to kill an additional 10 Blood Elves on the way out.

Oi Ain't Afraid o' No Ghost, is your chance to kill the Mogu Twin Thugs. Don't worry you will kill way more than the 12 required for the quest.

Ogude's Lieutenants, was a pain to solo. I was left on 1% health and thankfully my pet was a little more resilient than I am. I Feigned Death and left my pet to die, my ever faithful companion had different ideas and successfully munched on their faces. This is a fight with a lot of movement and I was rather unprepared. Most things in WoW are rather simple and straightforward and then they throw us a curve ball when you least expect it.

Last night, Ruins of Ogudei was the chosen objective. I hearthstoned back to the Shrine of the Seven Stars and chose to do the Golden Lotus instead. I won't play, I won't play, no way. I got too many other things to do instead.

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