Saturday, 29 December 2012

Read My Mind

The problem with not being at work is that I am less likely to keep on top of WoW news. The last week of the year is not a time you expect anything of note to appear. The national newspapers spend this week creating end of year quizzes and doing review features.

As I have already stated I am unable to play WoW today due technical difficulties, so I have used this time to update my add-ons and do a little light reading. In the process I discovered this little nugget. I have talked previously about improvements or more likely issues with Sunsong Ranch (The Tiller Farm). The improvements can be summarised:

  1. Ability to purchase the farm from Farmer Yoon.
  2. Buying the farm will allow you set your Hearthstone there.
  3. Filling out work orders with various factions for reputation rewards.
  4. Increase in the yield from special crops.
  5. Reducing the likelihood of weeds, vermin and swinging vines.
  6. Additional functions of the plow.
  7. Multiple planting in groups of four.
Blizzard appears to have their ears close to the ground on this one, and they are lifestyle improvements. I approve wholeheartedly with these changes. Now I just need to be able to drive my plow straight, as I sometime miss the last one of a group of four. Not sure Blizzard can help me much with my deficiencies.

p.s. It's a plough not a plow. Do Americans have a letter 'u' in their scrabble sets?

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