Monday, 10 December 2012


Might as well

I have often discussed stat inflation and how gear can very quickly make challenging content trivial. I was not however expecting the size of the jump from my last upgrade. My hunter gear is starting to become a little more epic as the weeks go by and I have put a temporary halt on my levelling project.
My gear is self made Leatherworking PvP set, with Jewelcrafting Rings and Necklace, rounded off with a Crossbow from Arena of Annihalation.

The general recommendation for people gearing up, is to Valor cap each week (1000). This was not working for me because The max amount of Valor that can be owned is 3000 and I had no reputation at a suitable level to spend any of it.

My current rep grind is based on Golden Lotus (boo hiss) and Operation: Shieldwall. Raising reputation to Honored with Operation: Shieldwall is an absolute doddle when compared with the Golden Lotus (more like Golden Sloth).

I was expecting the rewards at Honored to be Justice points, but discovered that the available gear upgrade was in fact the Signet of the Shieldwall. What surprised me most was the iLevel of the Ring being 496.

If you compare this to the last expansion most of my gear was 397, and this appears to be high in terms of the current status of the expansion.

I have already stated that I was wearing an entry level Jewelcrafting ring: The Roguestone Shadowband.
+ 238 Agility
+ 356 Stamina
+ 231 Crit
+ 345 Mastery

- 305 Hit

These are not small incremental upgrades, they are monumental leaps in stat inflation, and it explains why newly levelled 90's are doing 25K DPS and the people with Epic gear are doing 100K DPS.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when you consider that the Delicate Primordial Ruby adds a whopping +160 Agility plus any socket bonuses.

Now it is starting to make sense about all the talk of Mega Damage. I am just curious why we needed to jump from 450 - 496 in such a small time frame?

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  1. Stats are just out of order completely. When I hit 90 with my shaman I was doing okay. I could pull a few mobs and take them down in reasonable time but I did need to watch myself. Need to use my weapon procs for heals and the such, just to make sure I got by.

    I got a couple of crafted pieces, a few dungeon drops and then went and did quests the next day. Mind you, we are talking a total of 5 pieces, none of them huge upgrades item level wise.

    I was destroying things. Pulling a pack of three they were dying before I could finish one full rotation on any single target. The few pieces of gear turned my shaman of capable quester into iron man.

    Those little boosts even from 437 quest gear to 450 crafted PvP gear are huge. The 463 heroic from a 450 piece is even bigger.

    The stats are going insane and trivialize things way to quickly. I think this is a continued, and growing bigger every step up, mistake on their part.

    When my hunter first hit 90 it would take me an hour to do my golden lotus dailies alone. Now I can do all those, the klaxxi, the SP, AC, anglers, tillers, clous serpents, and shield wall in a little more than one hour.

    I spend more time traveling between them than I do doing them. And that character has not even stepped into a raid yet. I can only imagine if it were in full raid gear as it should be.

    They need to fix things accuse they are increasing too quickly.