Wednesday, 5 December 2012


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Patch 5.1 brought many minor changes to the game, one of these changes is the ability to enter one of the older raids without being in a a raid group. Many of these old raids have been furnished with vanity pets.

I like to accumulate achievement, but I will not normally go to great lengths to achieve them, and will not sit for hours waiting for rare spawns, or attempting things like the School of Hard Knocks. Some things are just not worth the effort.

There are two achievements that have been bugging me for a long time one of these is Higher Learning from WotLK and Outland Raider from the Burning Crusade.I have almost given up with Higher Learning, but with the new changes and the additional 5 levels I thought it was time to try and finish off Tempest Keep.

For those of you who need a reminder, here is the description of Tempest Keep from WoWwiki
"Tempest Keep is a former naaru fortress in the Netherstorm in Outland. This crystalline fortress is now ruled by Kael'thas Sunstrider, the lord of the blood elves, and dominated by scores of his brethren. The structure is divided into three wings - satellites of the gigantic structure - with the fourth wing, the Exodar, now in the world of Azeroth as the Draenei capital."
There you are, I have learned something new today, I had no idea that the Exodar was connected to these structures.
Just for the record, and to prove I am not a total numpty, my only issue with this raid is the final fight with Kael'thas Sunstrider and is band of merry men (and women). The fight is broken into 4 phases, with the first being a Turkey Shoot as Kael'thas sends out his troops one at a time to be slaughtered.
The second phase used to be problematic when Kael'thas launches his arsenal of 7 Legendary weapons. Due to burst damage these can be dispatched very quickly as level 90.
The third phase is where the problems began. Kael'thas resurrects his 4 advisors who all attack en masse. This in itself is not a big issue, but they like to use mind control and due to there only being one attacker that was me everytime. The net result is that I ended up in a daze wandering around in the AoE damage until death.
Now I am not a proud man, and I am more than willing to accept advice, because I am stuck at this juncture and would very much like to complete this labour of love without bringing in a second person. Any ideas would be gratefully received.


  1. Try to kill the advisers on top of each other so you can AoE them down when they come back. Having a PvP trinket on can help, I always use mine when soloing. Once you get past them, which will take a tiny bit of practice you move to the end.

    For the end you need 2 important things.

    Get two pieces of T5, equip them.

    Go back in and do it, let him MC you and let T5 go to work healing the every living shit out of your pet for insane amounts, sit back and watch as your pet brutalizes him and you collect your loot, good luck on the mount.

    I still have my T5 set gemmed and enchanted and still use it even at 90 for some special soloing. It is a keeper for sure.

    1. BTW: That was if you have a hunter to do it.

      I am not as good doing it on the other classes but for them you basically have to line of sight the add mobs and basically bring the fight back to the room with the bird. I've never actually soloed it with any other class so any suggestion I give there would not be first hand knowledge.

  2. Yes sorry, I didn't actually state, but it is for my Hunter. It is funny looking at the puny little stats on the Rift Stalker set, how important 15% healing of a large number actually is.

    I am off to solo Serpentshrine Carvern, to pickup my 2 two piece set.

    Thanks for the advice. It is ironic that the Tier 5 set drops from Tempest Keep.

    1. Not only does it do that healing but the person that gets MCed also, if I remember correctly, get a 1000% healing increased buff which means you will be healing your pet for 10 times more than its entire health pool every single time you hit it which basically means it would be impossible for your pet to die, ever.

  3. Raffles / Díana7 December 2012 at 14:39

    Late to the party here, but this can be overcome with inbuilt hunter abilities.

    Start with a dps pet out, when the adds spawn, target the engineer, hes the git that throws stun grenades. When you see him start his throw (you have to be very fast) cast Deterrence. The only target left is your pet, so he gets hit by it. Kill the Engineer, dismiss pet and bring out your tanky pet, pewpew the rest down. KT himself does that nasty MC, so the safest bet is to misdirect to your pet/growl or whatever and send the pet behind one of the pillars in the room. This may glitch out, pets dont like going there...keep trying it. Then you basically pillar hump and kill the birdie when it arrives and let the pet do the most of the damage.

    At least..thats how I did it during cata, unless there has been changes.

    If my sub wasn't out right now I'd come help in payment for assistance farming the mainhand glaive in BT for my rogue...