Friday, 28 September 2012

A Hard Days Night

I seem to be leveling on the slow side at the moment. It is like being back in vanilla when everything was shiny and new, and grinding took weeks and not hours. I appear to be easily distracted and try to cram everything into one 4 hour session a night. Even if I want hell for leather on just 1 character I doubt if I would be much past level 88. As it stands I have taken 3 of my minions to the shores of Pandaria, and last night I went exploring instead of questing.

The Godmother yesterday posted an introduction to the Tillers. I have no real interest in playing Pokemon or Pet Battles, but I was certainly more intrigued about the principle of running a farm. I have no interest in Facebook and have a couple of holding accounts for Bob Flintston and myself (I didn't really want my family to start calling me Bob and wondering why I had morphed into a hairy arsed Dwarven Hunter). Without an overwhelming interest to Facebook, I have never played Farmville and in reality I wish I had at least seen it.

Running a farm in WoW sounds like it might be of interest to myself, besides I can always use the produce for cooking or if nothing else just grow motes of harmony. I am still finding my feet with crafting in this expansion but I am guessing with motes being Bind on Pickup, I will struggle to grind motes the conventional way by killing mobs for all my crafting alts.

Spirit of Harmony will be the new roadblock to stop mass production from Auction House campers, in a similar way to how Chaos Orbs required Dungeon crawling to obtain. This will make sense to run at least 7 Farms, even on my alchemist who appears to only use Spirit of Harmony for the Riddle of Steel additional transmute.

At present I have started 2 farms, but it is highly probable that I will kickstart all 7 in the next few days. This kind of distraction will no doubt affect my leveling ability, but it is a reasonable trade off to start the mote of harmony production line.


Leveling Jewelcrafting turned out to be a relatively simple process, but I ended up making hundreds of gems that will no doubt get vendored in the near future. This is not uncommon and in every expansion since its introduction in The Burning Crusade, this has been the way to level Jewelcrafting. I have not yet started to understand the nuances of the new Jewelcrafting profession but will let you know my findings in due course. Using my super Draenei skills I have not quite maxed out the profession, still having 10 skillups to get to the 610 upper limit.

In order to fully understand the profession, I am currently doing the research, that I should have done yesterday, by reading the font of all knowledge, the underworld oracle, Kaliope's WoW Crafting Blog which fits in perfectly with the Crafters Tome that I referred to yesterday. The Zen Jewelcrafting guide states that besides the huge amount of recipes held by the Trainers in the Old Cities, there are more trainable recipes to be found if you visit Mai the Jewel Shaper in Jade Forest.


The profession that seems to have changed the most is Cooking. For more details as always refer to Kaliope's Zen Cooking Guide, the action is based around the Tillers out at Halfhill Market. If you have followed The Godmothers guide to starting a farm then you should already have the flight point and wondered why all these trainers are not giving you any recipes or quests. As usual I stumbled into this quest chain which is started by Sungshin, and completed the task by visiting a vendor in the Jade Forest hub of Dawn's Blossom. This left me with one recipe to skillup on, Rice Pudding which was orange. The ingredients are Rice and Yaks Milk, which are both sold by Sungshin. The recipe stayed orange for 1 rice pudding then turned grey, but apparently if you do things in the correct order you need to complete another 4 so that you can hand in the quest Ready for Greatness.

This is as far as I managed to get, but the principle is to master each of the different 'Way' specialisations. Each Specialisation buffs a specific stat:

  • Way of the Grill - Strength
  • Way of the Oven - Stamina
  • Way of the Pot - Intellect
  • Way of the Steamer - Spirit
  • Way of the Wok - Agility
  • Way of the Brew - Headaches and grandeur

  • I have not been very organised so far with my professions, but future attempts will streamline the process.

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