Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A Town Called Hypocrisy

WoW Insider has published an article based on the Blue Post by Draztal. The article is reasonably well written although Draztal seems to wander off topic (no Blogger would ever do that). The Blue post is about the dumbing down of WoW (in particular Raiding), Vanilla raiding required a huge numbers of people to partake, apparently the droprates for 40 people were minuscule, whilst not being strict attunements, gear from one raid would be required for the next raid, leaving a huge bottleneck in the process.

Draztal argues that anybody can become an expert these days by taking the time to study the huge quantity of material available on the Internet. It is quite true, and even I often find myself writing an a post on a subject that I have no knowledge of at the time of writing. My aim is to make other people aware of a new aspect of the game which they did not know about. Let's face it WoW is a homogeneously complexed game, and to honest I know the areas of Azeroth better than the town that I live in.

One aspect of the game that Draztal failed to acknowledge is the role of Addons in WoW. If people really want a hardcore experience from WoW, here is my tip. Go in a new raid, do not visit Tankspot, turn off, Recount, DBM or any of the other alternatives that simplify the Boss Skills and attacks. Then come back and tell me how easy this game is.

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  1. I have always been of the school of thought that raiding now is 100 times harder than it was back then. The only reason older players think it is easier is because they are better, they have all been there and done that and they have addons too.

    The huge difficulty of the vanilla raids were assembling and understanding what was going on. So it is easier in assembling and easier with all the addons and such we have now but I assure you, put any raid out there now in vanilla in 40 man size with no place to find strats and the tight mechanics and tuning and those bosses would live for months if not years.