Thursday, 7 June 2012

Gone Fishing

I have a love hate relationship with WoW fishing, it is much improved from the original vanilla version, but like Archaeology it leaves a lot to be desired. The biggest issue is the time it takes to level. The dailies and the Darkmoon Faire take a huge chunk out of the leveling process but it is still not a level in day type of activity.

Yesterday I received a whisper from a guildy who was combing the beach at Darkmoon Island and stated his bags were full and he was the only person fishing. Now this struck a chord because I had seen the occasion pool of Shipwreck Debris but only really around the pier area. I had never considered the whole coast as an area available for plundering.

I whisked a character out there pretty damn sharpish and discovered lots of pools, mostly with one shot items of sealed crates, so not the best scenario for leveling fishing, but the rewards from the sealed crates are phenomenal (ores, herbs, cloth and thick leather).  As with any pool in Cata and Northrend it also contains a very slim chance for collecting a Sea Pony or Sea Turtle.

The area is best for DK's and Shaman due to the Water Walking abilities but there is always alternatives with potions for any class, the reason is that there some pools hidden behind the small islands.

In the end its not the most productive use your time but I did manage to kill 2 birds with one stone.


  1. I agree that fishing is an incredibly grindy profession to level. However, sometimes it's nice to just sit down somewhere and fish. Turn off all the chat channels, turn up the music in the area you're in, and just... fish.

    Also, the Sea Pony isn't restricted to the pools at DMF. The droprate is higher in the pools, but I caught mine after about twenty-five casts off the pier. My wife's took another 300.

  2. I shall give it a try, with my luck it will be more like 1000 casts.

  3. See I totally love fishing....I put on a netflix show on one monitor and sit and grind out fish in the other! ;-)

  4. I tend to miss the catch if I take my eyes off for a second. The other thing that annoys me is since Blizzard improved the water effects it makes it far more difficult to fish. The biggest problem area for me is the front gates to Stormwind.

    I have leveled fishing 3 times now and I will use any shortcuts at my disposal.