Wednesday, 6 June 2012

With A Little Help From My Friends

As a follow up from the last post, I have received some more information, which I wanted to share.

Prior to writing the last post, I tried to do some research. Not being a super sleuth or really wanting to spend time in the Beta, I thought I would ask someone who cared. In this case I deliberately chose to go to the Gold Queen for advice. Not knowing what to expect from a fellow blogger, I eagerly waited for a reply.

No response was forth coming, I check the Gold Queen blog, I checked Bob's e-mail account, and after a certain amount of time and a lack of material for a new post I decided to go ahead anyway.

One day after I posted, I received an acknowledgement from Matojo who is looking after the blogsite whilst Alyzande is working on other projects. Alyzande wrote the day after, and the upshot from the e-mails is that because it is still in Beta we just don't know. What we do know though is that there is no more Head Enchants and Shoulder enchants are losing the grind and becoming an Inscription gold making tool.

What I find amazing is the effort and care provided by the gaming community. Previously I had only read about the help and support from people like the much missed Larisa, and only usually see the trolls in action.

I guess a post about nice things and nice people is going to attract the Trolls, like a red rag to a Tauren.

Thanks all.

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