Tuesday, 19 June 2012

This Is Spinal Tap

Just taking a brief respite from my Death Knight experiment. The Summer Solstice is on its way and the event is closely associated in the UK with Stonehenge. The general consensus on the subject is that Stonehenge is a giant monument that was capable of recording the Longest and Shortest days of the year. This makes Stonehenge a calendar and timepiece on an enormous scale. The implications for an agricultural society cannot be overstated.

Blizzard marks the event with the Midsummer Fire Festival. Sadly it looks like being a damp squib in 2012 With the Blizzard team busy working on Pandaland, the collection of a iLevel 353 Cloak is not going to stir too many people out of their slumber. There is still one reason to the seasonal boss the Ice Boss Ahune, and that is the Frigid Frostling. He is definitely one of my favourite pets, and he likes nothing more than throwing snowballs at your head when you are fishing. Also there is another chance to get the Transmog favourite the Frostscythe of Lord Ahune, so you too can achieve the Grim Reaper look for your Transmog set.

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