Friday, 18 May 2012

The King Is Dead

The King is Dead, Long Live Deckard Cain. Not much playing time last night, but I did manage to get past my roadblock of the Skeleton King. I have not worked out how to group with people doing the same quest but I did find a fellow guild member who had sent an invite.

The Skeleton King everybody tells me is easy. I disagree but I did find it considerably easier with an extra level (now 10) and 2 extra levels for my bold companion the Templar (9). On the first few attempts the Templar died within a matter of seconds facing up to the mighty cleaving axe of the Skeleton King. Now with 2 extra levels he soaks up the damage and never dies.

Demon Hunters do not soak damage very well and the main trick is to keep moving and keep on top of the massed number of summoned skeletons. Use the red vials to top up the health and dig in for a long fight. I guess in a group this is very easy but solo, requires constant movement and a good deal of concentration.

I achieved the extra level by revisiting areas and finding that they have re-populated overnight. There does not seem a way to level up any other way, with the questing being very linear.

Next up Act II and with the weekend coming up I should get some decent playtime in.


  1. I just started my solo-demon hunter yesterday. I'm also leveling one with my husband (he is playing a witch doctor) so I haven't made it this far yet. I know on my witch doctor it was a little bit crazy! It helps some that you can change your spells for boss fights and go for more direct damage.

    I tend to be a completionist, so I must fill out my maps before I go into the objective or I won't remember to go back!

  2. I thought I was the only person still working on Act 1.