Wednesday, 11 September 2013

What's New Pussycat?

What do we know now that patch 5.4 is a day old? Well for those of us in Europe, we can only go on the murmurings from the US servers and those of you lucky enough to have got some game time under your belt. So here is a roundup for what to expect. Big Bear Butt is exploring the wide open spaces like a modern day David Livingstone or Christopher Columbus. The Godmother is going to fill in forms for all her many offspring.

We have not heard from the Grumpy Elf but he has already foretold his plans for yesterday.

Kaliope is of course giving some sound advice regarding crafting, it seems to involve smacking around the local inhabitants. This is good advice so I will repeat it here:

Blacksmiths: - Farm Pandaria mobs until you get the Balanced Trillium Ingot plans - craft one!

Engineers: - Farm Pandaria mobs until you get Chief Engineer Jard's Journal and learn the recipes from it. Pop your Blingtron daily for a chance at the new Lil Bling pet!

Scribes: - Farm Pandaria mobs to collect new Glyph recipes as well as the Crafted Medallion of Tenacity.

Leatherworkers: - Farm Pandaria mobs for the Hardened Magnificent Hide recipe as well as the Drums of Rage recipe.

Tailors: - Farm Pandaria mobs for the the Celestial Cloth recipe and craft one to learn a random Crafted Malevolent recipe.

Cooks: Visit the Timeless Isle to start the quest chain for Noodle Carts! I'm sad to say that I was not able to put this post together in time for the patch. I got stuck on the stupid Jade Temple boss and could not kill him. Unfortunately on the PTR player gear was scaled down to 463 inside the 85 dungeons. I have no idea if this will be the case when 5.4 goes live.

I am guessing that most of my Alts are going to get at least a little playtime depending on how long it takes for the recipes to drop from "Farming Pandaria Mobs". To be brutally honest I know there is a Timeless Isle and a starter Quest, but I have no idea where it is or how to get there. I get the feeling the game might have some serious arrows pointing me in the right direction, similar to the Darkmoon Faire arrows.


  1. (hint - just go the vale city, it'll point you from there... not sure if you can get the breadcrumb anywhere else)

    Ah, glad you don't have the G+ requirement for comments anymore. :)

    Yeah, my original intention was for the crafting patterns to be job #2 after getting my legendary last night but the plan fell apart in a hurry, never got off my main. Stupid plans.

    I would say the tailoring pattern took about an hour of part-time mob killing on the Timeless Isle to get, might be a challenge to get a lot in a single night but should be doable unless you have 12 viable crafting toons like some of us (*cough*). Priorities are important to determine in advance. I'd also encourage the mob farming to be on TI unless there's a reason not to, may as well kill many birds with many stones and get many tokens (both currency and gear).

  2. Hello R, sorry about Google +, still working it out. I will write about the Timeless Isle today so no reply here.