Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Baby Can I Hold You

After the comments on yesterday's post, and thank you for your comments by the way, I would like to make a slight retraction about the state of crafting. My main is a Skinner/Leatherworker as you might expect from a Hunter, and in general Leatherworking as always been the ugly step child of the crafting profession (with the exception of Engineering). Blacksmiths make armour and weapons, Tailors can make armour and bags, Leatherworkers can make armour and little patches to put on your legs.

The usual pattern is fro expansions is 2 Epics and PvP gear, and recipe drops from the current raid content which needs materials from the current raid content. If the Leatherworker is not doing regular raid content then you are stuffed. Simply skin animals and sell on the Auction House. I assumed this still to be case until I read the comments from R.

"Regarding crafting, I have to respectfully disagree with you on that point, during 5.0 only raiders had access to the patterns but in 5.2 and 5.4 the process has been entirely democratized. Kill a few mobs, get a recipe, do a daily crafting cooldown that also gives you a random recipe and once a month you can make an item. I have L87 toons on remote servers that are able to do that, there's absolutely no raid requirement and raiders don't have significantly better access. Really, they don't have any better access unless they're willing to sacrifice a likely very expensive DE mat in exchange for saving a single day of crafting."

I decided to check what it was that R was talking about, I knew I had a new recipe for Hardened Magnificent Hide, but I did not remember seeing any other recipes in all the kills I have made on the Timeless Isle. Sure enough I have a recipe for Mail Agility Legs requiring 21 Hardened Magnificent Hide. I can make 1 a day and I have an abundance of leather at the moment. I can have a new pair of 545 Mail Legs for my Hunter. The mats are very reasonable but 21 days to craft them!

I have to say this is a rather awesome surprise, I have no idea how many recipes there are at present to collect because my usual font of knowledge the Crafters Tome is not updated yet.

TenTonHammer states that there are recipes for Legs and Waist (Pants and Belt) for all roles, so I can only assume the droprate is not brilliant.

"They are item level 553 belts and pants.  Tailors have a DPS and a Healing set available, Leatherworkers have a melee and caster DPS set, as well as a tank and healer set, while Blacksmiths have a DPS, Healer, and Tanking set available to them."
Yesterday, I decided to follow the advice of the Godmother in search of a Blazing Chest. I roped in Oov for some assistance, and we sat in his chopper, and made our way to the broken bridge, stopping twice to kill Jakur of Ordon, and Cinderfall.
The trip across the gap in the bridge went without a hitch, with the one exception that Oov carried on into the Courtyard were I was forcibly ejected back to the Celestial Tournament area (oh bugger). The next attempt resulted in an unexpected meeting with Archiereus of Flame. He apparently drops a Burden of Eternity, and I was still on my way to find the Blazing Chest to get another one.
This time we ran round the outside of the courtyard and encounter several fiery guys who did not want us to pass. Fortunately there was another group clearing the way.
The Blazing chest yielded a ring and a Helm, which with the exception of my weapon are the weakest items in my inventory as predicted by the Godmother.
"This could be a massive co-incidence, but those two Timeless Loots co-coincided exactly with my two lowest iLevelled items currently equipped. Similarly when I looted on my Mage."
I think it is no co-incidence and the Godmother was spot on with her original observation.
Having now got two Burdens of Eternity in my bags I was worried about losing one. The Godmother wrote a small aside:
"[Oh, and for those of you curious, you can not simply loot but use more than one Burden of Eternity in a week. P's chest loot gave her a second. I have no idea if they stack however... :P] "
This seemed to conflict with the Grumpy Elf's Monday report, which is too long to even find the relevant section. Needless to say you can collect 2 or more Burdens of Eternity in a week and you can use them all in the same week. I think that the random Burden of Eternity (world  island drop) can only happen once per character.
Armed with two new shiny pieces of equipment I wanted to try them out. I did a Scenario for Valor, the Jade Temple in a futile attempt to do the Noodle cart quest, and a LFR.
The LFR was rather uneventful except for dropping of the strangest weapon I have ever seen, Durumu's Baleful Gaze.
The upgrade of a weapon from iLevel 480 to iLevel 502 appears to add an additional 50% to my DPS. I thought it was because I was doing it wrong not that I didn't have a decent weapon.


  1. You can get more than 2 even. One person in my guild has gotten 14 so far this week. I myself got 4 on my warrior, 4 on my hunter, and 2 on a few others.

    You can only get 1 from the chest but you can get as many as you are willing to grind for. Assuming a little luck on your side however.

  2. Heh. I don't blame you, I'm not really a fan of grinding for very low % items either. If Grumpy is having success, though, you'd have to think the odds aren't THAT horrible. ;) I wonder if anyone out there actually believes that they have better than average luck (and not just in comparison to those of us who complain that we don't, I mean someone who says to himself, on a regular basis, "Damn, I'm a lucky bastard, aren't I?"). I doubt that many of the 50% of above-average-luck folks actually realize it when they're in that category.

    To clarify one other point about the crafting situation in 5.4, you get one random recipe every time you do the daily crafting cooldown... from 5.2 experiences (I'm assuming the quantities haven't changed much, if at all) it seems that it takes 6-10 weeks to get all the recipes, depending on the profession. Once you have the recipe for the daily cooldown, if you do the daily cooldown each day you'll eventually get all the recipes. It worked this way in 5.2 as well but they DID require a raid DE mat to craft the recipes since they, for the most part, didn't introduce new crafted materials. In 5.4 they did, so they removed the raid DE mat requirement, the flood of gear hitting the market will be slow just due to the 21/28-day requirement just to craft one rather than artifically constraining it by making a raid DE mat the limiting factor.

    Yeah, that Durumu weapon is the item that FINALLY got me to do my first tmog, ever, on any toon. I've had some ugly weapons in my time (the tentacle weapons from DS especially) but that one was just too much.