Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Boys Of Summer

I am back from the week long family summer vacation, so I am desperately trying to catch up on the Blogs and WoW news from the last 10 days.

My holiday was in Norfolk, England, and it involved a lot of visiting parks, zoos and other attractions. My favourite day out was to Dinosaur Adventure, which for some unknown reason I kept referring to as Jurassic Park. The huge dinosaur models are nothing special, but they did have a couple of animatronic versions which were very good.

The park was very child friendly and especially important in the UK was the fact that there was plenty of indoor activities. Fortunately the UK is actually experiencing something of a heatwave, so it was more important to have air conditioning than shelter from the rain.

Walking around the park, in the jungle walkabout I came across a dinosaur that was new to me, but it's name made me smile.


This must be the pet of choice for all Hunters everywhere. Who wants a normal raptor, T-Rex or Triceratops when you can have a Kritosaurus. Special ability 10% Crit to both Hunter and pet.

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