Friday, 12 October 2012


There comes a point in the levelling process when you are not as strong as you were in the previous expansion. I believe that I am currently hitting that point on my level 88 Hunter.

At the end of Cataclysm I was sporting an average iLevel of around 390. In the course of questing and more importantly crafting I have changed a few items:

  1. Chest
  2. Crossbow
  3. Ring
  4. 2x Trinkets
The trinkets are green and the rest are blue and the current average iLevel is now 397. Each level I achieve I need to increase my stats to effectively stay in the same place. The problem is that I am above my current levelling zone, Krasarang Wilds is the sister zone to The Valley of Four Winds which are both 86-87 zones. The problem is my green quests rewards are still below my current gear.

The result is that Hit and Expertise which tend not to feature heavily on levelling gear means that you start missing shots and spells. The upside is that I am also not fighting Bosses that are 3 levels above me.

I expect things to ease off after moving from Krasarang Wilds and I start replacing the Tier sets with much better gear. I am not saying it is currently difficult it is just incrementally taking longer to level.

Levelling as also taken a backseat this week with the Darkmoon Faire in town. I have used this as an excuse to prepare all my characters for the task of moving to Pandaria. This takes considerably longer than planned. The list of activities for each character are as follows:

  1. Logon Character
  2. Learn the Primary Zen Professions
  3. Learn Zen Cooking
  4. Learn Zen Fishing (if appropriate)
  5. Learn Zen Archaeology
  6. Start the Pandaria Questline
  7. Go to Pandaria
  8. Fly around in Gyrocopter
  9. Work my way down the quest chain to get to Paw'don Village
  10. Pick any mining nodes and herbs en route
  11. Learn Zen First Aid
  12. Return to Stormwind
  13. Go to Darkmoon Faire
  14. Do the Monthly quests to get the +5 skillup (especially Archaeology, Fishing and Cooking)
  15. Return to Stormwind
  16. Rinse and repeat x10
This process has taken from Sunday to Thursday to complete, so it is only now I can turn my attention back to questing. The good thing about this, is that I don't have do this shuffling around again for another 2 years.

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