Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Into The Valley

Continuing the series started here, I would like to present the second instalment of Mist of Pandaria storytelling without reading the quests. The story has moved to the Valley of the Four Winds, leaving the anger and destruction seeping out of the Jade Forest.

  1. Meet Chen Stormstout who wants to make some beer.
  2. The area is the "breadbasket of Pandaria", full of farmers who have a large lagomorph problem.
  3. Chen wants you to collect some brewing items which include bungee jumping into a cave and fighting lots more Rabbit People.
  4. The Stormstout Brewery is overrun by Monkey People and mischievous water sprites.
  5. The Tillers are here to teach you farming and Zen cooking, "The way of the Panda".
  6. Hemet Nessingwary is in town. Is it a coincidence that the worst expansion to date did not contain Nessingwary in any shape whatsoever?
  7. The Sha have taken over the Western section of the land.
  8. The Hidden Master will teach you how to break blocks of wood with your bare hands.
In summary the zone does not take long to complete and is relatively repetitive, the landscape is stunning and Nagrandesque, but the general feeling is it that is portal to all the other zones, with the Tiller hub in the middle for the vast majority of the action. Speaking of which, I want to link the following WoW Insider cooking guide which tackles the best way to approach Levelling the Way and the mats required.

I really must get my resources in order, because there are a lot of good guides coming out, but I am so far behind on the levelling curve that I do not need them yet. I have stopped levelling for a few days whilst I sort out First Aid and Archaeology and get all my characters through the Darkmoon Faire. It looks like the Brewfest is going to pass me by this year.

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