Thursday, 12 July 2012

Rocking In The Free World

I spend a lot of time in Azeroth 480 Days at the last count, but how often do I stop to smell the roses? I am sometimes captivated by the glorious sunsets whilst busily flying around Azeroth. I have spent nearly 8 years of my life in this virtual world, and there are not many surprises left. Even the Post Cataclysmic world is familiar to me after only 19 months.

The critics of WoW always pick up on the toony aspect of the animation and characters, and that it is not as realistic as many of the competitors like Rift and Terra, personally I like the style and it suits the fantasy world.

Today I was stopped in my tracks by some work conducted by Andy @ OstensiblyWow the link is of a tour of Searing Gorge and Andy is obviously a keen photographer and knows how to frame a vista.

All I can say is happy memories and lovely screenshots, it put a smile on my face. If you like it Andy has also covered Azuremyst, Azshara, Feralas and Felwood.

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