Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Do You Want To Know A Secret?

It's not really much of a secret, but I didn't want to ruin the title. My little hint is not to run LFR and/or LFD on the night before reset day.

LFR was the first attempt on my Death Knight to complete the second half of Fall of Deathwing. I knew it was going to be chaos when I teleported at the beginning of the instance on 3/4 and a mount of bodies where Ultraxion had beat them to a pulp. I fail to understand how difficult it can be to standstill go through your entire rotation and then once every minute or so press a big purple button in the middle of your screen.

When a LFR starts wiping the biggest issue is retaining its Tank and Healers, and in particular the healers due to requiring 6 of them and ignoring the DPS who queued as Healer to bypass the 10 minutes wait. So after a few minutes a ready check was taken still missing 1 tank and 2 healers and then they promptly started the fight. One minute later we are all roaming around in the grey world of the Caverns of Time with a big angel hovering above us.

The bickering and shouting starts and half the party leaves, 10 minutes later still short of a tank and 2 healers someone starts the raid again. Do they ever learn?

Next up LFD on my stumpy little Warrior. I have completed all the New 5 Man Heroics on this character but was still armed with a Season 9 PvP 2 handed sword. If I can't do LFR I might as well complete a few LFD's. Twice I got End Time and twice I left group in utter frustration, the worst bit was when the healer left group in the middle of a boss fight. Luckily in the wasted hour I did down 1 boss and bagged myself a 2 hander for the pain.

My tip of the day is complete the groups and raid aspects at the beginning of the week, and go fishing before reset day.

P.S.. I also heard LFR is bad over the weekend. so if you are on the EU realms stick to Wednesday and Thursdays.

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