Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Simply The Best

It pains me to use the title but it goes with the tongue in cheek nature of this post. On Monday I mentioned that Blizzard wants us all to play Druids, Paladins and Monks. In case you have not worked it out, it is the fact that they don't need to party, they can swap specs and do it all. Hunters, Mages, Warlocks and Rogues you are sad buggers who can only deal damage, how pitifully inadequate you are.

Here are the reasons why Druids rock Azeroth:

  1. Not content with 3 Talent trees, (sorry they will always be talent trees to me) they needed a 4th so that they can Tank, Heal, Melee DPS and Ranged DPS. The rest of us can all go home and tend to our farms and do pet battles.
  2. Instant flight form, no waiting for the Druids. Press that button and fly away.
  3. Picking herbs whilst still in flight form. Nothing will annoy the general populace more than a Druid who sweeps in and steals your herbs. Also Feeling Crabby? you bet when you spent minutes looking for crabs in Stormwind Canals, only for a druid to swoop overhead and pluck it from the canal.
  4. Not content to slum it in Humanoid form why not change into a Cat, a Bear, an Owlkin or a Tree.
  5. If those 4 form changes are not good enough for you, then try another Tree form, or an Aquatic animal (some strange seal/otter hybrid). Also you can now choose an Orca, or a Stag (if you want people to ride on your back).
  6. "If you die in a combat zone, box me up and ship me home", not with a Druid around because they can combat rez your sorry ass. Next time don't stand in the bad.
  7. If you like to heal you can even have a companion pet that looks like you. Also if you spend time as a large bottomed Owlkin you get a companion pet to suit you as well.
  8. A free Portal to Moonglade anytime you like. Oh I am so jealous.
  9. Druids even had a boss that only they could summon.
  10. Druids know where to find all the best drugs, they even carry around Magic Mushrooms.
So now you know, why Druids are so special, go and get a class transfer now. You know it makes sense.


  1. Hunters are still better. ;)

    I agree that the four pure classes could use a little love however.

  2. Whatever happened to the hybrid tax? Mages should be glass cannons and Hunters should be awesome, Rogues can stay in PvP, and Warlocks are just evil Mages.

    1. They said some time back there was no need for hybrid tax any more because every class can bring something to the table and people that play hybrids have no special bonus.

      I would like to have a word with them because every time I am in a raid and have to switch to heal I have to log off my hunter and switch to my priest. Or if I have to tank I will log off my hunter and switch to my warrior. While if the feral druid needs to heal he just switches specs and if the frost DK needs to tank he just switches specs.

      Sorry, I think the hybrid tax should return. Give me some bonus for having to switch characters all the time.