Tuesday, 11 September 2012

All The Young Dudes

Back in May, the New Blogger Initiative was launched to give a platform to new and newish bloggers. The idea was brilliant and it had a huge buyin from several established bloggers. I decided to do a Where are they now? expose, to see what happened to those fresh faced writers (No, not really I was just mooching around for an idea). I did see some familiar names, people who had been daft enough to start blogging. Many of these people are well established now, with plenty of content and lots of visitor traffic.

The flipside of this, was the amount of Blogs that never made it out of May, or ran out of steam in June. A veritable bloggers graveyard, at a rough guess of the WoW blogs around 50% are still writing, which is pretty much a good result.

Using the figures from Jaded Alt for WoW based blogs, 24 joined the NBI and only 13 are still active in September 2012. Not a bad guess at 50%.

Congratulations to everyone who is still going, and a big thanks to all the contributors who organised the initiative in the first place. The following is the list of active bloggers:

Bad Tauren
Musings of an Altoholic
Scattered Thoughts
Priest all the Things
That Was an Accident
Unliving a Death Knight
Goetia’s Letters
Image Heavy
Auction House on Farm
Unwavering Sentinel
Healing Mains

There is a new expansion on the way, it is a good time to start blogging, and it is certainly a better time to start blogging than at the dog end of an expansion like I did.


  1. I'm still active at healing mains, (healingmains.com) :-)

  2. Bugger, you were on my original list. Should I change it to TankingMains.com?

  3. Haha nope, brae is healing, and my offspec and 2nd character will be healers. :-)

    Gotta love the guild timing on that decision though!!