Thursday, 27 September 2012

House Of The Rising Sun

Mists of Pandaria just gets better and better, casting aside the opening night fiasco, it is good to level in a new continent. Every night I have to tear myself away from the game, or else I will be playing the just one more thing routine until the sun rises or my wife gets back from work.

I sometimes wish that I actually read the quests, but to be honest that would just take up too much time. I have no idea what I am doing with the Fish People in Jade Forest but there seems to be plenty of things to skin.

I am wondering if skinning is a minority profession, after all on my 10 main characters I only have it on 2 of them. The 20 primary profession slots are 8 crafters (one of each) and 12 gathering, with 6 Miners to feed 3 professions, 4 Herbalists to feed to 2 professions and 2 skinners to feed 1 profession.

Skinners hate fighting humanoids when they can be culling animals for their pelts. The result of the imbalance in the number of skinners is that people leave carcasses strewn across killing fields, and it is the job of skinners to clean the area up like vultures. In the old days there always to be a skinner hiding behind a tree waiting for you to move away from the kill so that they can sweep up after you.
The tagging system was introduced to remove the friction in area like Tol Barad were daily quests involved killing 8 crocodiles and up to 12 spiders, to stop the gits that were skinning your kills as soon as you looted them.

Mining nodes seem to be reasonable supply, and I have not seen the usual bun fight to steal nodes whilst you are dispatching the wandering mob. My Shaman is at level 542 mining so on the assumption that it is a skillup per node then I have have mined at least 17 nodes. With this much ore I have been able to level my Jewelcrafting to 553 without buying any additional ore or gems, and without producing any of the Cataclysm high end gear.

The crafting system has improved on the model introduced in Cataclysm by providing additional incentives to make certain items. In the Cataclysm model Leatherworkers could gain extra skillups on cloaks which had terrible itemisation and had no resale value except for disenchanting.

The supply of cloth is plenty to cover both First Aid and Tailoring needs. Random drops seem to provide an endless supply of greens for disenchanting. Enchanting also has a large selection of enchants to boost your leveling.

Even better than the new are the green Gems. Having missed out on the Epic tier of gems, these will provide a huge boost in the major stats.

Even fishing seems to be easier in MoP, with 8 skillups from 1 daily and 3 fishing pools. I even have a Flying Tiger Gourami to hand into Nat Pagle, which will hopefully be the start of a beautiful friendship.

For anybody wanting to get some real information on crafting, then as always I can only suggest The Crafters Tome and El's Extrem Anglin'.

In my opinion Blizzard have certainly streamlined the process of capping professions leaving more time to do the activities we really want to do at end game.

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