Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Golden Brown

Day by day, I am learning new aspects about the new expansion. Yesterday I discovered that I can craft rings and a necklaces with my Jewelcrafter, and duly crafted 2 rings and a necklace for my hunter.  This is a huge benefit to myself, but apparently not every body is quite so happy the way it was implemented. I am not very happy that they stuck the recipes in a far flung village in Jade Forest without any indication, unless you go clicking on every NPC that you pass. The Grumpy Elf is more concerned that the iLevel of the crafted jewelry is not high enough or comparable to the other professions.

Following up a lead from Grumpy's comments yesterday and at the insistence of the Orcish Army Knife, I decided to check out the Leatherworking PvP gear. PvP in a PvE world was always frowned upon, but Cataclysm made it the obvious choice for newly dinged level 85's. In Mists of Pandaria the gear does not even lose any stats to accommodate the PvP Resilience, and PvP Power, they are all in addition.

I originally thought that the leatherworking patterns had been hidden behind a rep grind, and maybe the Epic gear still is, but I was able to purchase PvP recipes at the Shrine of the Seven Stars from Tanner Pang for the extortionate price of 1 Spirit of Harmony. I say extortionate because in 6 weeks I have only managed to collect 9 Spirit of Hamony and there are 8 items in the PvP set. If I have to spend all my spirit of Harmony on recipes there is going to be nothing left to create Epic items later.

I am still a fan of the crafting gating but this is a rather mean amount of Spirit of Harmony to collect in the time period. The other aspect is that other characters will collect Spirit of Harmony with no use for it. At the very least it needs to be Bind on Account.

New Bling Master Hunter

The Contender's gear looks something like the above, with the exception of the chestpiece which is covered with the Tabard of Summer Flames. I have no intention of transmogging my gear for a while yet, so that I am stuck looking like the Bling Master on an edition of Pimp my Hunter.

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  1. They could have been nice and told people that there are 450 patterns you could buy with a spirit but we were left to find that on our own. I read a lot so I knew about it.

    Funny part is there are 463 blacksmith shields, one for healing and one for tanking, that you can buy with a spirit also. Amazing no one knew things, I made a bunch of them for people. Cheap to make too.

    There are some good crafting goodies out there, they just need to be found. Not everything requires rep, but the best stuff does. Still wish there were 463 rings and necks.