Monday, 19 November 2012

Happy Birthday

Happy 8th Birthday, World of Warcraft. I find it slightly disturbing that my son is nearly 8, and I have been playing this game for the entire length of his life. The game has changed but not as much as my son, so I just wanted to say thank you Blizzard for keeping my mind body and soul active when I wasn't changing nappies (diapers for the Americans out there).

I have seen some complaints about not getting a new pet, but to be honest who wants a pet that everybody else in the entire game has. This game allows individualism in our outward appearance of gear through transmogrification and a choice of hundreds of vanity battle pets to show off our whacky choices.

Brian: No, no. Please, please please listen. I've got one or two things to say.
The Crowd: Tell us! Tell us both of them!

Brian: Look, you've got it all wrong. You don't need to follow me. You don't need to follow anybody! You've got to think for yourselves! You're all individuals!
The Crowd: Yes! We're all individuals!

Brian: You're all different!
The Crowd: Yes! We're all different!
Man in crowd: I'm not...
Man in crowd: Shhh!

Brian: You've all got to work it out for yourselves.
The Crowd: Yes! We've got to work it out for ourselves!

Brian: Exactly!
The Crowd: Tell us more!

Brian: No! That's the point! Don't let anyone tell you what to do! Otherwise - Ow! Ow!

Sorry, I had to put in the above sketch from Monty Python's Life of Brian. My point is yes we are all different, but there are only so many races, colours, sexes, models, piercings, and facial hair to choose from, that we are pretty much the same at the end of the day. Although there is a difference between a Tauren and a Gnome, we still all have the same gear choices.

Does anybody still use the Baby Blizzard Bear or Onyxian Whelpling from the 4th and 5th Anniversaries? I am guessing the answer is firmly no. The reason is that they are not unique, and we all want to be different.

If I was to do Pet Battles I would definitely use the cutest cuddly pets to perform unspeakable acts in combat. It is part of my perverted thinking to have a cute killing machine.

Do not mourn the fact that we have no gifts, enjoy the fact that we get an extra 8% XP. Why not 10% it's a nice round figure, go on Blizzard push the boat. Ok, I get it 8th anniversary 8% XP, 7th Anniversary 7% XP. With all the Reputations issues at the moment give us a temporary amnesty, 2 weeks of big rep gains, not 8% on mob kills alone. That extra 1 rep for the Black Prince is going to come in really handy.

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  1. Does anybody know if WoW 8th Anniversary buff works in conjunction with Spirit of Sharing?