Friday, 18 January 2013

It's A Mystery

Just a quickie from my questing in Zangarmarsh. I was doing a quest for the lovely people at Sporeggar, Now that we are Friends... when then offered me an interesting Polearm.

I am just curious if any one can remember which class this was designed?


  1. Sporregar, thus Burning Crusade? Hunters used mana in those days, so I'm guessing it was primarily for them. It wouldn't be too bad for a feral druid, either, at least if you shapeshift a lot (which you tend to do while questing - most heals require caster form).

  2. That was a hunter weapon. 2 handed, agility, stam and int, like all the set gear also had. Yeap, hunter weapon, just like every other weapon in the game. :)

    Remember the set gear also had MP5 on it for hunters, how sad is that. lol

  3. My Hunter had that weapon for ages. I think it might have been the first Polearm I used. BRK used to talk about the Sonic Spear from Shadow Labs, so I guessed that I should be using a polearm from that point onwards.

    Not only do Hunters not need intellect (makes us as daft a warrior) we don't even have a weapon any more.

    How times have changed.