Thursday, 16 August 2012

Sunday Bloody Sunday

"When fact is fiction and TV reality, and today the millions cry. We eat and drink while tomorrow they die". U2

Adventuring in Stranglethorn Vale is not what it used to be. In the old days you could level for weeks in the place and invariably die if you ended up in the Southern part at too low a level.

Now it is Archaeology central especially if you want to unearth those Troll artifacts.

I thought I had seen everything in the game, but now I have seen a level 85 plummeting to her death just as I am picking up herbs. I did have to double check to make sure she was dead. Perhaps she should take up engineering and make a parachute cloak.

I seem to remember that Gnomeaggedon used to like practising free falling as a block of ice.

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