Friday, 22 November 2013

Holding Out For A Hero

Just in case any of you are still treading the boards doing the Timeless Isle, I have noticed a slightly worrying trend. The trend is for random invites, with no message. The usual response is simply to ignore and move on.

On this occasion I was being stalked by a bear that would hit everything I was hitting. After a little while I get a message, "Can I group with you?". For once I decided to see where this one was going.

I was a Ret Pally and he was a Bear Druid, nice combination for melee slaughterfest. Not quite the mobs went down no quicker, but I wasn't getting hit so that was a plus. After about 10 minutes something piqued my interest and I decided to check his gear. I was confronted by Blues and Greens, how was this possible? Timeless Isle gives gear away how can this be?

I decided to lead him to where I knew there was chests and had to persuade him to open them. Using this logic I dragged him up the hill towards the Yaungol and one of the big chests, which yielded 2 pieces of leather gear. I have checked his character today and he is at a more respectable iLevel 471 with 6 pieces of Timeless Gear.

Hopefully I have saved a poor lost soul and propelled them into a life of queueing up for LFR. Ok so it's not entirely salvation but this is my good deed for the day.

All this ties in with the requirement that the Godmother thinks that some of us need a little bit more in game guidance. I am not sure how much more you can help people by having sparkling treasure chests all over an island that provide huge gear increases.


  1. You have to know they ACTUALLY EXIST. If he'd had the Adventure Guide, it would have told him.

    Would he have bothered reading this?

    There's another completely different issue.

  2. I get a lot of those invite and sometimes I accept them, I figure the loot is shared, why the hell not.

    Most of the time it is like this warrior I grouped with that had all flex or better gear, had to be a 550 item level, doing 17K DPS. No, he was not prot. He was not laying off. He was not making me do the work. He was just bad. As in horrible bad.

    I let him tag along, he said thank you, and was a decent guy, but it seems more often than not the people looking for random groups are people that are either bad and having issues or under geared and having issues.

    The design of shared loot on timeliness island (and personal loot on bosses) is a great thing. It is why I am willing to group with such people. Otherwise I would say no, but normally I help them because the timeless island was designed smarter, in my opinion.

    I offer rides to the burden chest for people that do not know how to get there or do not have to cape to get across. I find it fun to do and you meet some nice people.

    It is funny that when I drive by things they always attack people in my sidecar however. I've seen so many people die in my sidecar on the island it is funny.

  3. I get those ninja invites a few times a night when killing my daily 20 and always decline them. If someone ever just asked me if they could join me I might accept but that hasn't happened yet, the closest I've had is "Are you in a farming group?" "Nope." "Ok". I'm perfectly capable of soloing most of the tougher mobs (up to High Priests, haven't tried tackling one yet) in under 30 seconds so there isn't really any value in a group to me, just a higher chance of death if the fight patterns get broken.