Friday, 24 August 2012

If I Were A Carpenter

More bags, more bag space. What about the professions? I don't claim to be an expert on the subject but the following is based on previous expansions and what you can reasonably expect to happen to your stash of mats.


Scribes are set for a busy couple of months with the new Glyph changes for patch 5.0.4. If the research is correct or nearly accurate then most Glyphs will revert to the new version. The Inscriptionist shows the full table with only 3 Glyphs being orphaned, whether this works out is up for debate, I lost a few hundred gold in previous Glyph changes. If you need to double check then I can recommend the work Illume has done on the subject. I am of course to double check the hundreds of Glyphs available across 11 classes. The Glyph market is very active at the moment, and on my server there are over 50 pages of Glyphs on the AH. The pricing on these will go out the window based on the popularity of new Glyphs.

Blackfallow Ink will become worthless after the patch drops and will no longer be the trading ink for lower kinds of inks. Only Colossus Smash uses this ink, so sell off your stock if you can, or else trade down, normally for Ink of the Sea which is used in 31% of all Glyphs. The rare inks are practically useless, unless there is a plan to use them in cataclysm shoulder enchants which is highly unlikely.


Ores and Bars will undergo price fluctuations. Right now there will be a rush to sell and the price is likely to floor. If you have the bank space then hold onto them, then the price will return in about 12 months time when the supply is restricted.

Cataclysm PvP gear and Ebonsteel Belt Buckles will have no real demand and the Heavenly Shards will also fall in price.

Volatiles will also lose value and will never fully recover in price.


The leather tends to hold its price reasonably well after the initial sales rush. The scales tend to plummet in price and the demand will never return. Sell your Blackened Dragonscale if you can. Pristine Hides are likely to plummet in price as well.

Cataclysm PvP gear and Leg Enchants will have no real demand and the Heavenly Shards will also fall in price.


To borrow from the Consortium, segment your market for the bag sales. People will want bigger bags for leveling and something economical for the Baby Pandas.

Netherweave bags for the poor
Frostweave bags for working class
Embersilk bags for the middle class
Illusionary bags for the upper middle class
Royal Satchel for the super rich

Cataclysm PvP gear and Leg Enchants will have no real demand and the Heavenly Shards will also fall in price.

Chaos Orbs will be falling in price, possibly snag some cheap ones and make Dreamcloth, which can be used to make Illusionary Bags. 


Keep making those pets:

Lifelike Mechanical Toad
Mechanical Squirrel Box
Crashin' Thrashin' Robot
Tranquil Mechanical Yeti

Pets are going to receive a huge boost with the new pet battles, but on the downside if you have a pet already on one of your characters then it is magically going to appear on all your characters. Make your mind up which way the wind is blowing on this one.

Scopes, if they are still available will only be used by Hunters in future. The rest of the Engineers mats are for personal use only. Only other engineers will be interested and that is a very limited market.


All enchanting mats should be falling in price at this stage of expansion. Hypnotic Dust and Celestial Essence will become valuable again in the future but now is not a good time to sell. Heavenly Shards will become extremely cheap and will never be really useful again unless one of the Cata enchants is better than the MoP options. Not very likely but it has happened before.

My advice would be to use the Heavenly Shards on the first few skillups of the new expansion. If you are feeling daring and have the bank space you may even swim against the tide and snag some Dust and Essence for future sales.


Jewelcrafting is slightly more difficult to predict as the pattern from WotLK was changed in favour of Epic gems being only available to Raiders. WotLK had been a free for all with Epic gems being very cheap and available to everyone. Prospecting and Transmuting provided a steady supply of uncut epic gems. These epic gems would later be very expensive during Cata, because you needed to be level 80 to utilise the Cata gems. This may be the case this time round but in the case of Rare gems not the Epic version.

Common gems are probably only worth vendoring


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