Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Empty Rooms

Not empty rooms it's empty bags we are going to need whilst leveling those 5 new levels. According to WoW Insider we are going to be getting this new quality of life improvement next week, but what is it?

"AoE looting will also be rolled out with patch 5.0.4. Gone are the days of clicking corpse after corpse. As of 5.0.4, you'll be able to simply click one glittering corpse out of the giant pile to loot all of them at the same time. And your computer mouse will breath a quiet sigh of relief." WoW Insider

When this was first mentioned as a possible new feature, it was already available in a few rival MMO's and the implementation was different in each one. Implementation needed to establish the size of radius and the amount of loot that could be picked up in one go. I have not read anywhere in the beta notes the answers to what Blizzard finally settled on. Judging by the comment from WoW Insider it will just collect everything within a reasonable radius.

What to do with all this lovely loot? This is where the extra bag space will come in handy, but I am guessing if everybody is bad as me that 2/3rds of their bag space is filled with items that we carry around just in case, or those vanity items that everybody pops out during a break in the raid. One useful addition from this patch is the account wide mounts, and in particular the Reins of the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth. All my alts will now get the chance to pop this beauty and be able to vendor all the junk items. Don't forget there is new updated version in the Reins of the Grand Expedition Yak providing you have a spare 120000 Gold kicking around. I might just stick with the mammoth for a bit.

Steps to Decluttering

  1. If you have multiple characters then get an addon like Altaholic, it will keep track of how many of a given item all your characters have got and whether it is stored on their person or in the bank,
  2. Clear out the bank, work out which expansion the items are from and make a judgement whether it is likely to go up or down in price when there is a new expansion. New races mean that people will leveling professions at the same time.
  3. Novelty items do you need them - I know I can turn my entire into a Pirate or a Ninja from the wands gained in Hallow's End Holiday. Get rid of them you know you want to.
  4. Reputation items - are you planning on turning them in someday soon? if not sell on AH or just vendor if you can't be bothered. Why are you keeping 250 Marks of Sargeras?
  5. Food - Get rid of that stack of Chilled Meat and Mystery Meat. What is Mystery Meat anyway? Whatever it is my local Indian Takeaway seems to make good use of it.
  6. Potions, Flasks and Elixir - Can you make use of them in the new expansion? If so stack them up and spread between your characters. I know that some of my characters still have Guru's Elixir on them, and all of them have Flasks of Endless Rage, Pure Mojo and Frost Wyrm
  7. Scrolls - When was the last time you used one of these, yet we all have them in our bags and banks. Get them vendored now.
  8. Stash away your favourite Transmog gear and vendor the rest, maybe even consider selling your PvP gear unless of course it is part of your transmog outfit.
  9. Repeat the steps 2-8 in your bags.
  10. Bank everything that is not absolutely necessary for life on Panda Island
I found the following quote from a Real Life professional declutterer (is that even a word):

"When we clear the clutter out of a space, people breathe a sigh of relief. The mood changes instantly. People feel lighter, more serene, more focus. The effect is profound, even when people say they don't notice it."

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