Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Epic Fail Blizz

Darkmoon Faire is in town again. Time to hand in those objects accrued from running instances, raids and PvP and maybe even some Grisly Ears (yuck). On my travels this month I was fortunate enough to come across the rare and very expensive A Treatise on Strategy, I handed it in and then went to check my achievement status. It was empty again! Blizz had failed me.

I scoured the Internet and was surprised to see nobody had picked up on it. A couple days later it appeared in Wow Insider. So Blizz failed in January, February and probably March. Looks like I might have to shell out for a complete set this week or risk the loss of the Treatise on Strategy and need to payout 1000 G next month. Seems like I might just play this one safe.

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