Monday, 2 June 2014

It's So Easy

The topic that will not go away, and this is post number four on the subject of the new Buffs. From my post on the 14th May, we have subsequently had three of the four buffs drop into the life environment. The one buff missing is the "Gaze of the Black Prince" but judging by the title of todays post you might already have an inkling as to my thoughts on the subject.

At present we have a number of buffs and the current effect on the is quite severe, the following is the ease of obtaining the valor cap on one or more characters. The cost of deed of valor is 3,000 Timeless coins so we can work everything else from that:

  • No buff - 3,000 Timeless coins = Deeds of Valor = 100 Valor
  • Valor of the Ancients 50% + Deeds of Valor = 150 Valor
  • Heart of Valorous 100% + Deeds of Valor = 200
  • Valor of the Ancients + Heart of Valorous + Deeds of Valor =250

4x Deeds of Valor + Valor of the Ancients + Heart of Valorous  or 12,000 Timeless coins = Valor cap for the week.

This quite frankly too damn easy, and we have moved from a situation were I rarely valor capped  but could earn 2,500 - 3,000 valor points on multiple characters in any given week to being able to Valor cap my entire army of alts in 10 minutes on reset day.

Alternative Chat stated, that Heart of Valorous was a 10 day buff and this was confirmed by WoW Insider, the consensus seem to think it is to combat Wildstar but in reality it means you can get all your WoW tasks done in a very short timeframe and then you are free to do whatever you like, even playing another rival game as long as you maintain that subscription fee. If it was meant as a sideswipe at Wildstar then the intention appears fairly lame and Blizzard need to grow up a little. Already we have witnessed several weeks of Blizzard showing what a little boys club they are running.

If you have the best product and the best customer service why do you need to steamroller the opposition, this is the games industry not an Election trail. Maybe the lack of any tangible expansion is starting to worry a few of the corporate suits at Blizzard HQ.

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