Thursday, 12 June 2014

I'm A Lazy Sod

I love Reset Day. The day I get to do all the same things that I did the week before. When stated in those terms I sound as conditioned as any of Pavlov's Dogs, hopefully I can keep the drool in check on Wednesday morning waiting for the servers to come online.

My new routine is to get the time sensitive tasks completed as soon as possible. Since the discovery of the secret cross realm world bosses raid finder, I am able to do both Celestials and Ordos on all my characters in a sensible timeframe. I enjoy this part of the process, with the possibility of new gear and character advancement. The downside is that I have to share this process with 39 other people, and a large proportion seem to be either complete idiots or lazy gits.

My biggest bugbear is the inability of people to wait or even turn up on time. The process from pressing the button saying "I want to kill a world boss, come and get me" to somebody picking you up like a cheap date in a singles bar, is less than a few minutes. I sometimes even get to kill some of the 20 animals for the Timeless Daily whilst I wait (but only a few).

The point I am making is that wait is not long, so is it too much to ask people to actually be there when they say they will. For these lazy gits I would like to show to the court exhibit 1. The Time-Lost Artifact:

I appreciate that this is not the glamorous item available to a max level character with it only being iLevel 496 and not being upgradable 4 times, but it does come with a useful ability:
Use: Teleport yourself to the Timeless Isle
In order to do Ordos you had to complete a quest chain stretching across 4 patches and multiple quests to obtain a Legendary cloak, but it too difficult to gather 7,500 Timeless coins to buy one of the most useful trinkets to teleport you to the only current content for a 12 month period.
I appreciate that the Time-Lost Artifact is limited in that it transports you to the Celestial Courtyard and not all the way to Ordos, but we are equipped with ground mounts that we get at level 20 (angrily remembers getting 100% ground mount speed at level 60).
It is not a long way to travel, so why does everybody need a summons? It is only since I started doing the weekly pilgrimage to Ordos that I noticed this new phenomenon, everybody shouting 123.
Being a man of a certain vintage, it is possible for new trends to come and go before I am even aware of them. Google my ever trusty companion tells me that "123 means = I agree". The result is that one lazy git says,
"I am too lazy/busy to ride a mount/teleport/buy an artefact, can you please haul my worthless carcass so that I can stand in the bad/propel everybody in the ranged group into the air/AFK, and then loot dead boss" and the next one is too lazy to say even that types "123" and then the next twenty people say the same.
Along with this can't be arsed (CBA) attitude (I am learning), is a certain nastiness, aimed at Warlocks for not hauling their arses up the mountain so they can summon "Legolass" who is still in Stormwind dancing naked on the Mailbox or hovering the biggest mount possible over a quest giver to be a right pain in the arse (PITA). I can see why Blizzard removed Have Group Will Travel, but they just pour all that pain onto Warlocks, and now I believe they intend to remove Ritual of Summoning.
The result of all this is that some people have started to embrace the lazy gits:
Others are starting to rebel against the lazy bums:

I am curious, am I just be a grumpy old git? or should I embrace this new laid back lifestyle?


  1. I don't think you're a grumpy old git. I think people who who are too lazy to get there on their own steam should at the very least say, may I please have a summons. But then I'm a grumpy old git so maybe that's just me, lol.

  2. I hate those lazy people. It is not like it is a hard trip, maybe a little bit on a low pop server, but just run up. I use the in game group finder for it and I never even put my name in until I am already there. If the warlock can make his way there, so can you.

    The only time I am not there already is when someone in guild says "anyone need ordos" and if I say yes I follow that up by saying, on my way. I never expect a summon but of course will gladly accept one if it comes.

    I am grumpy, that's my name, so maybe you are grumpy too and so is tome. We can be three grumpy old gits together on this matter.

  3. I might be Grumpy, but I know I am right.

  4. Ultimately, whatever will get things done the quickest will be what the masses will favour. If that means summoning, they'll support summoning.

    I'm with you, I have a personal bias against lazy, especially when I hiked it up there myself before queuing or when I ran back after a wipe and nobody else did... I'm also willing to drop group at that point and hope for something better the next time. Thing is, I'm costing myself a lot more time than I'm costing the others by doing that so I'm hanging myself on principle. I'm usually willing to do that but not everyone is and I can't blame them for that.

    It's an MMO... a team game... and sometimes being selfish, even if it's for the "right" reasons and you're just trying to avoid enabling the slackers, isn't the best option and the group will make that clear.