Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Born To Be Wild

Azeroth Choppers, 8 Episodes of utter garbage. The kind of nonsense Television that the USA revels in. Pimp my Motorbike would have niche viewing figures in single digits in the UK and I expect that the rest of Europe is equally interested.

The concept was to design, and assemble two motorbikes that are Warcraft themed, one for the Horde and one for the Alliance. For the sting in the tail there was going to be a worldwide vote and the winning Chopper will appear in the game.

Now here is were everything gets a little murky and if anything Blizzard have deliberately muddied the waters. Is the vote on the best looking Chopper, or is it this contest between Horde and Alliance? Does everybody get the Chopper, or just characters of the winning faction?

In my opinion the best Chopper is the Horde but I have only Alliance characters, for which team do I vote. Worldwide the Alliance heavily outnumbers the Horde, so how can the Horde ever win if this is a faction competition?

As everybody knows who has ever played the game, that Blizzard loves Horde. It is a minority mindset, we are less in numbers but stronger in adversity. It was laughed at when the teams were first announced that  Horde Warchief Metzen was going to represent the Alliance, whilst the gravelly voiced "For the Horde" Samwise Didier was going to represent the Horde.

This was one vote that was always going to be as democratic as a North Korean Election. Everybody knew the result without watching Episode 8. The result was so rigged that nobody even commented on the Horde winning. It was a 100% turnout and the Horde received 100% of the vote. There was however one dissenter, but he is not the messiah he is a very naughty boy and will be punished accordingly.


  1. Being the "voice of the horde" was the leader of the alliance team you knew things did not bode well for the alliance team from the offset. In all truth I could not vote for either. The alliance bike look, in a word, horrible. It seemed to thin, with no bulk, and would probably fall apart the first rock, make that pebble, you hit on the road. Not to mention it had no personality. The horde bike was oozing with personality, it was a bike that when you saw it, it screamed for the horde. However, it still felt as if it was missing something and while I loved the shoulder pad idea the tricycle idea kind of turned me off a little.

    Either way, as a person who plays alliance mostly I can say with absolutely no bias as I am not an horde fan boy, the horde bike won hands down. It better captured the spirit of the horde and looks pretty bad ass. They did not even need to take a vote. They could have just said horde won and no one could have screamed favoritism because the alliance bike really was that bad.

    With all that said. Do not worry because both bikes will be in game.

    Blizzard does a hell of a lot of stupid stuff and they pile on horde favoritism every single chance they can but there is no way in hell they are going to completely alienate half of their player base more than they already have. My only hope is that as alliance I will be allowed to ride the horde bike because I would not be caught dead on the alliance one.

    1. I agree entirely that the Horde Chopper is the better design. The Alliance monstrosity is like a metallic Wasp although I did prefer the engine sound.

      I am just a little curious were Blizzard intend to go with these designs. If it is Horde only bike then I agree that is a very bad decision.