Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Hound Dog

I must confess to having not played much WoW in the last few days, but last night was the night I have been dreading since I misplaced my authenticator. I believe that it is located at my mother's home but due to the fact that she is on holiday I have no way to validate this assumption. The setting for the authenticator is to ask for authentication if the IP address changes, or a set period of time maybe once a week. Yesterday was validation day. Now although I have only limited intentions to logon at the present time, the idea that I cannot do something just makes me want it more.

The plan was to remove the authenticator from my wife's account, remove the authenticator from my account and then put my wife's authenticator onto my account. Simple.

The problem with this plan is there is no way to log onto the Battle NET account without the authenticator. I solved this by logging on with my wife's account, removing the authenticator and putting in a ticket on my account to remove the authenticator. I was a little paranoid having heard stories about accounts being hijacked after the authenticator is removed for even just a short time.

I received an e-mail to confirm the ticket had been created and the usual wait time was 2 days. At this point I could no longer track the ticket through Battle NET and was resigned to have to watch some Television.

Television Drama which is what I tend to watch is based around an Autumn - Winter  - Spring calendar with sport, repeats and cheap television making up the Summer schedule. All the programmes I have been watching are now finished so I am working through Boxsets of ER, The Tudors and Throne of Tides. No doubt Game of Thrones is already highly popular with the WoW community.

Just before going to bed I checked my e-mails and discovered an update to my Battle NET account asking me to change my password. I then logged into Battle NET added my wife's authenticator and quickly logged on expecting my characters to be naked and all my gold shipped off to the Far East.

Fortunately this was not the case and I am more than happy that Blizzard have exceeded my expectations and the 2 day average wait. Set the expectations low then it is easier to exceed the expectations. Thanks Blizz, I am more than happy to have my Core Hound Pup looking after me.

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