Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Last night I hit exalted with the Kirin Tor Offensive at the same time that stage 2 was completed on my server. The new stage was written about by BBB to good comedic effect, when he makes reference to the broken down wagon with a cloaking device which for 2 weeks we have been looking for because it contains explosives to blow a hole in the wall.

The new area is tightly packed with mobs, but to be honest they don't stay around for too long, There is a new questline which involves piecing together the parts after you collect the talking head. The Talking Head will mock you incessantly, so much so that I was tempted to drop the head in a dustbin.

The combined test for the swarm of people testing the new area was the Quest "Even Giants Fall", with enough people he will go down reasonably easily, unfortunately during the self-healing stage he seemed to be immune to everybody's dispels. The effect was the see-saw effect, which required the combined forces of the players to do more damage than the heal of the Giant.

Having got to Exalted, is there any reason to keep doing these dailies? I think probably not, but I would like to know what you think. The Polymorphic Key eliminates the one reason that I could think of for continuing.


  1. Doing those dailies will still be the most effective way to valor cap.

    You get valor from doing them, you hear people call out rares and get valor running to each of them while they are up, and you can be doing something while in queue for the LFR or LFD. Not to mention you would want to go until you find your one treasure chest and one key a week at the minimum. And there are achievements and many summonable spirits that need to be killed for achievement sake. Lots of things to do there and doing the dailies while doing everything else just make sense. More valor to be had.

    I am up to 720 valor already and did almost nothing yesterday. Just from doing my dailies there, killing a few rares, doing the weekly quest and the a couple of dungeons and one LFR. Not bad for a short time, don't you think?

    It is still worth hanging out there as I see it. Killing rares and doing quests while waiting in queue instead of sitting in the main city feeling your brain rot while reading trade chat.

  2. Ok, you sold it to me. I was going to drag my Shaman through the area, so at least I still see the new area. My Blacksmith will want to visit for the new whatever that blacksmiths get. I know you can sneak in already, but I am too busy to be climbing over rocks trying to find a way in.

    The Polymorphic Key will suffice for the Scenario once a week.