Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Seasons In The Sun

I have recently returned from a late dash to get some sun on my back before the dark winter nights draw in, just in case you were wondering where I have been for the last 11 days.

The family holiday was to the Greek island of Zakynthos (Zante) in the Ionian Sea.


It was a slightly bold attempt to get some good weather in Europe in late October. In hindsight a safer option would have been to go to the Canary Islands which are off the coast of West Africa. In fact we had 5 good days of sun bathing and swimming before the tropical storms swept through the island (It made for an interesting take off). The sea was much warmer than the hotel swimming pools, and I always find it useful to consider that the sea temperatures are 3 months behind the land temperatures.

The upshot is that I have not played WoW for some considerable time and was way behind everybody on the curve already. Whenever I take time off from work, I can guarantee that it will several weeks to catch up on the work that as accumulated for me in my absence.

My wife is also getting panicky that the TiVo box will hit full capacity and explode, so I can guarantee that there is plenty of pressure on me to watch Homeland, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Grimm, Merlin and the hundreds of programmes that have just started with the Autumn schedule.

My body is still getting use to the drop in temperature from 26°C to 6°C in Britain. I am expecting to get the man flu any day now. My house is currently re-adjusting from the refrigerator temperatures to the tropical temperatures of the constantly churning Central Heating system firing up for the first time in 6 months.

In the process of writing the last paragraph I noticed the use of the metric system to denote temperature. The British were supposed to have changed from Imperial to Metric many years ago, but some of the old Imperial measurements are still in existence. Milk and Beer is bought in pints but Petrol and Cola is delivered in litres. All modern British school children are taught that water freezes at 0°C and that water boils at 100°C, and that a nice British summer is between 70-80°F. One day in the future the British might finally make a full switch to the Metric system but for now we still cling to our pints, miles, and pounds and ounces.

Whilst on Holiday I had a tendency to wear my sunglasses for most of the day. The end result is that I achieved a sun tanned face and white Panda eyes. Unfortunately that is the closest I will get to discussing Mists of Pandaria for at least a few days.

Wishing I was still there

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