Thursday, 4 October 2012

Now And Zen

Oh no! Real Life got in the way of my Panda Time. Work just got really hectic and my wife wanted to spend some time with her husband. I can report that I am still levelling several characters at the sametime and the results are Level 87 Hunter, Level 86 Shaman, and the rest are all off the mark and growing vegetables to please the Tillers.

On Monday, I had a little rant at a few things, mostly archaeology and the grind from 500 - 525. It must be stressed that the route from 525 to Zen is a breeze and when including the mining and herbing and the rested XP I should be flying through the levels, if I wasn't getting distracted by all the shinnies. I was just calming down about archaeology when I read the article in WoW Insider about Leveling cooking from 1 to Zen. For the sum of 300 - 350 Gold you can level up to the 525 in a matter of minutes.

It is not as if cooking is hard to level, most of the mats are obtained in the process of levelling so unless you have super levelled by Recruit a Friend, why would you need this? If you do it for one secondary profession then why not the others. The answer is that Pandas are about Food and Beer, and this is a flavour addition. Just out of curiosity are Pandas renowned for eating and getting drunk? My knowledge of Pandas extends to the following:

  1. Sit around eating bamboo all day,
  2. Forced to live in less hospitable lands because the farmers prefer valleys to hills
  3. Having problems with reproduction hence their endangered species tag.
  4. Red Pandas are more like foxes than pandas

Last night I discovered a new bug, it is intermittent but quite annoying. Whilst fishing in the Valley of the Four Winds, using the new stick and string technique, I noticed that after every catch, my character would turn to the right 45 Degrees, causing the next cast to miss by landing in shallow water. The next pool the same results but this time 180 degrees. My personal feeling is that it is similar to travelling via the Flight Master, and after disembarkation you are always facing North. It's kind of funny and very annoying at the same time. I raised a ticket but it just vanished, perhaps I have used up my quota of tickets for the quarter or thinking about it I might have logged a bug and not a ticket.


The Grumpy Elf on Monday, pointed out the major issue of bag space with this expansion. Normal levelling will soon fill your bags, but the biggest problem appears to be all the food mats if you are trying to level the "The Way of" cooking levels. The Farm will create seeds and vegetables that will soon get out of hand. I think that we need a shared silo or refrigerator for all the alts to share which can be located near Farmer Yoon. It would be a hell of a lot more useful than Void Storage.

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