Monday, 14 May 2012

This Post Is Deceased

As a request for a friend, and the recent relegation of my beloved football team out of the English Premier League, I present the Dead Parrot Sketch. Most of you will of course be able to recite most of the lines from this most infamous of Monty Python sketches, the thing that struck me most odd was the habit of the Python team to set them in obscure locations, in this instance a Pet Shop in Bolton, Lancashire.

With the new expansion of MoP and the increased amount of companion pets for the World of Pokemon meta game, I just wondered whether there might be room for a Norwegian Blue, nailed onto the perch or otherwise. My winning team would consist of the Enchanted Broom, Scooter the Snail and the Norwegian Blue.

If I hadn't nailed this post to the perch it would definitely be pushing up the daisies.

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