Thursday, 23 February 2012

Reset Day

Wednesday, WoW reset day for the European servers. For the average altaholic that means several runs at the Looking For Raid. The Cataclysm expansion as been a hard slog for those with more than a main character to gear up.

At present that means 3 characters doing both parts of Dragon Soul and 2 doing the first part only.
The 3 characters doing the full Raid are Hunter, Shaman and Mage with Druid and Paladin cutting their teeth on the first 4 bosses.

After 2 Months of running weekly LFR's I have yet to snag a single weapon on any of my runs. Mostly it is not down to bad roll but it is more often a result of the wrong weapons for the current character. I am sure the Shaman could have won a Bow and Polearm and the Hunter a healing Staff or Mace. At this rate the Hunter will still be sporting the Season 10 PvP Rifle .

Last night was a complete disaster. The general consensus amongst most bloggers is that LFR is just too damn easy. Well I can safely say that depends on the 24 people that you are sharing the lootfest with. Entering the raid at 3/8 (Not sure why Blizzard didn't use 7/8) I felt that luck was on my side, 250 Valor, a chance at a weapon for 15 minutes coasting against Deathwing. I should have known better.

The chances are the healers had dropped out because the raid was less than useless. After 2 failed attempts and wipes on the far right handside were the flailing tentacles need to be single targeted, I decided it was time to review what was going wrong. Most LFR's I have taken part in the DPS is normally around 20K+. A quick check of the meters revealed a large chunk on 30-40K so it wasn't for lack of firepower. One of the Tanks was dying very easily when the party turned round to face the trouble at the back. On one occasion I went back to try to find him to give a heal and move on back to the party. I couldn't actually find him, I can only think he was fighting Deathwing via a coastal assault.

The biggest issue I noticed was that my Shaman was top of the Healing tables, and further more I was struggling for mana for large parts of the fight. Is it so difficult for DPS to move an inch to stand in the lovely blue glow of my Healing Rain. I do blame Blizz for sending out confusing signals. For 6 years the mantra was always don't stand in the nasty stuff. Now we have had 1 year of don't stand in the nasty stuff but stand in this nice stuff instead. All this whilst trying to maintain a rotation and switch targets. This particular fight does not require much movement and no nasty stuff on the floor. So c'mon DPS huddle up and keep those green bars up. I have no real desire to waste all my mana because you can't be arsed to move.

Next week I want a nice gentle stroll tossing out the occasional heal, and a nice healing weapon would more than make up for it.

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