Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Chain

Icy Veins calls it the "Breath of the Black Prince" Questline, everybody else knows it as the Legendary Cloak Quest. I am approaching the end of my journey some 6 or 7 months after everybody else, but it is better late than never.
Last night I was able to capture the last 2 Titan Runestones from the 2 locations that give guaranteed drops from Lei Shen and Sha of Pride (wish I had known earlier). I ignored the advice from BBB who was under the impression that you could not loot Lei Shen for a Runestone and then to go back for his heart, in the same week. Fortunately I got lucky and was mightily relieved to see the mouse pointer turn to the loot option.
An evening filled with 11 Celestial kills and 3 LFR's left me with the task of gaining 4 Blessings from the Celestials at a time when I really wanted to go to bed. One quick attempt to kill Wrathion did not go the right way, and I packed myself and the greasy smear off to bed.
Today, I have the job of researching how to defeat Wrathion, but also thinking that I am not the only Hunter frequenting this site, I thought it might be prudent to ask. Please bear in mind that my computer is on the aging side and the effects on the floor seemed to be ill defined. The main aim seems to be to take out the adds and avoid the bad. There is little or no time to heal so avoidance of damage seems to be the way to go.
Research seems to point to a cheat that was hotfixed, and the fact that I should have an extra 25 iLevel on when the Quest was first released. The You Tube I looked at practically ignored the blobs. I guess an AoE Tanking Pet will keep the addons occupied.
Wish me luck and any advice will be gratefully received.

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  1. I only have experience with the melee version of that fight (twice now) so I don't know if any advice from that would be useful. I originally did it with era-appropriate gear and it was ... challenging. Probably took 10-15 attempts and was frustrating as all hell.

    The second time, a few months later on the same class, with better gear, it was trivial... I just blew him up, basically.

    But yeah, as with anything in WoW, the main goal is to stay alive, I don't think it has an enrage timer, so if you're able to survive, you'll probably win. Good luck!