Friday, 16 May 2014

Dazed and Confused

I have spent considerably more time in LFR than is good for the soul in recent weeks. Rather than use my Hunter or healing with my Shaman, I have spent some time with a few of my lower lever characters. In particular I have enjoyed playing with my Warlock and wanted to see how the transfer from 2 button killing machine on the Timeless Isle to the world of full raid buffs in a 25 man situation.

The answer is not exactly what I was expecting, and the huge crits seen in solo play for Chaos Bolts do not transfer to a huge amount of DPS in a raid. On the other hand if organised and able to remember the mob clusters, then the damage from AoE can be astronomical. The problem is I cannot control my own environment on a class that I am still not familiar with. Sometimes my DPS is huge and sometimes it is very poor, and whilst it is not a problem in LFR, I got a little nudge in a Flex raid.

"There is not enough DPS!" said one person after failing to take down a boss. It was time to evaluate my own performance, was I letting the side down? The answer was that I could and should have been higher, but it was not because I was slacking, however if I thought my figures was bad, then at least the Hunter below me would be the main target for peoples ranting.

The Hunter in question Lotusmie, (I was not going to name, but with a iLevel of 541 WTF!) was doing 40K DPS. Just in case you think that is a typo I will write it out  FORTY THOUSAND, DAMAGE PER SECOND.

On the plus side there is no Legendary Cloak, but I spy a decent weapon that my Hunter spent months trying to obtain - the iLevel 536 (with upgrades) Kor'kron Hand Cannon. The weapon is rated at 13,620 to 25,297 so an average of 19,458. How is it possible to do only double that amount over the period of 4 boss fights and the corresponding trash kills.

I have no idea what gear the Grumpy Elf is wearing these days but last month he claimed to hit 106K on the Celestials without buffs. Hunters have the benefit of Autoshot and a pet. It is a feature of the game that allows us to kill mobs and mine/herb/skin at the same time. The downside is that with such a high percentage coming from doing nothing, that the signature shots can seem a little on the small size.

Surely even an inexperienced Hunter in 541 iLevel gear can achieve higher than 40K DPS. In fact I might ask my son to do LFR this weekend with a similar geared Hunter. My son does not play WoW and has never raided or played a Hunter. I am interested to see what the results will be.


  1. Yeap, did 106K just autoshooting from the stairs with my pet attacking. No island buffs and no group buffs because I was not in the group. As for his 40K he might have really been not trying. While I can not say for sure I think I was around 530ish when I did 66K on some trash in a ToT LFR just autoshooting.

    Hunters do have that ability thanks to pet and auto attacks to do something when really doing nothing.

    Want to hear a really weird one in the opposite direction? I was doing ordos on a healer last week and there was a hunter in the group that is 486K. I missed looking at him before he dropped group so I did not see his gear but I looked at recount to see what he did. He had no island buffs and no legendary cloak. I was like WTF? That is sick for someone that does not even have the cloak. All I can guess was he was an alt of a heroic guild and got carried through a heroic clear for gear, because there is no way a hunter does almost 500K with no cloak and no island buffs.

  2. If you can do autoshooting for 66K then in order to do less damage then you have do actively avoid doing damage by being faced the long direction. We even autoshoot on the move so no excuse there.

    I am always impressed to see people defy logic. When you read the guides and try your absolute best in an non-pressure situation and you come up very short of the theoretical maximum, that is one thing, but to see someone do something that appears to be impossible that is breathtaking.

    I would love to know how they do it, because I am sure that some of these abilities cannot be learned.