Monday, 19 May 2014

The Scientist

I had every intention of forcing my son to run Siege of Orgrimmar for me at the weekend, but unfortunately they outlawed child labour in the UK in 1870. My son was far too interested in going on 3 days trip to Anglesey in North Wales to do any Huntering, and apparently WoW is not a patch on Minecraft.

Left with no alternative I paid a little visit to the Stormwind Dummies with Hunter number 2, Buffalobob. Buffalobob is currently sporting  iLevel 542 which is idea for the experiment, but with the inferior weapon of Featherdraw Longbow iLevel 497. The aim was to record the value of autoshotting in this case with a Beast Master Hunter.

I ran the first set of figures with a pet in tow, and then repeated the process with no pet. It was at this time I realised that something was wrong. How could a dummy possibly be dodging my missiles? A quick visit to the reforgery, showed that the additional of an Ordos chestpiece and PvP bracers had disturbed my carefully crafted Hit and Expertise. It is this kind of exercise that shows why the Hit/Expertise capping had to go for the next expansion.

Avoiding the dodge misses increased my DPS by around 10%, which is why the Theorycrafters always insisted on capping Hit, and latterly Expertise, above any other stat.

The figures without any buffs were quite frankly very poor.

With Pet

With my Wolf out, I managed 35K DPS on 25 shot count, and without a pet only 9.8K DPS.

Without Pet

This just shows how useless a BM Hunter is without his pet.

The aim of this exercise was to see if I could obtain 40K in a raid by autoshotting alone, and with raid buffs this answer looks like yes it is very possible.

The hunter in question Lotusmie from Fridays rants, was indeed freeloading in a Flex raid which was predominantly filled with guild members. It makes the people in the raid look soft for not saying anything, and letting the raid disintegrate because in amongst alts and fresh level 90's we are also forced to carry people who are not doing enough work to secure their place in the team.

Just looking at the character sheet, it is evident that Lotusmie can be partially bothered to gem most of their equipment, but not enough to put 5 enchants on.

If you can't be bothered to try when those around need you, then simply stop doing group content.


  1. With a 497 weapon that is actually pretty impressive. If you had a weapon of the same item level as your gear, lets say 540, being it is the most important piece of gear you could possibly double the results you showed just using auto shoot and pet damage.

  2. Low DPS draws attention to yourself, no DPS doesn't!

    Back on Dragon Soul LFR I ran a little experiment. Every time I did LFR (several times a week across a few 85's, tanking, healing and DPS) there was always floods of comments and criticisms against the people with low DPS. It still happens now in our current LFR's but I find it's not as fervent or frequent as it was when LFR was new.

    I thought it would be an interesting experiment to run through LFR, as a DPS, and do absolutely nothing. Sure enough people bitched and moaned as normal, but not at me, just at the poor people doing low dps. Fly below the radar!

    I've done this once for a giggle on SoO LFR, although the majority of the group was my guild and they knew what I was doing. When the free 90's became available I boosted a Mage on a second account, dressed him in a Timeless set to get the minimum 496 iLvl and stuck him on auto-follow on my main. I reached over and hit Evocation a few times to make it look like he was doing something, but he didn't do a single point of DPS. As ever, abuse flowed towards the other insta-90's in the raid with low DPS, but none of it was aimed towards my lazy Mage.

    I wouldn't want to condone or defend this sort of behaviour, but as an experiment it was interesting and gave me a chuckle. I would say the sucky Hunter you met Lotusmie even sucks at sucking! He could suck far better if he just put a little thought into it.

  3. This is a brilliant experiment, and I can see how it would work. 40K Dps would register around 17-19 on a 25 Man raid but if you in the 20-25 range then the assumption is that you must be a healer.

    Hide with the healers and you are flying under the radar as you pointed out. Of course it is not something to be condoned on a regular basis but as a social experiment I applaud your efforts.

    I have often wondered how people had the time to chat endlessly through a fight, or have an opinion about everybody's performance. Personally I am concentrating on my own performance, and ironically the lower my gear or the less I know the class the more likely I am to try harder and remain focused.

  4. "if you in the 20-25 range then the assumption is that you must be a healer". Not quite, with both Skada and Recount if you don't do any DPS you're not on the list at all. Even if you run with your DPS meter showing 25 lines, nobody goes to the trouble of trying to cross reference their DPS meter with the 25 names listed in their raid window. Of course if you even do 1 point of DPS you're busted!

    Don't do it.. it's very naughty...