Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I Gotta Feeling

Oops, what have you done Blizzard?

17:15 CET on European patch day. This is 7 hours after the weekly maintenance should have finished. Ultimately this affected every single European Realm and they all needed to be rebooted. That equates to a lot of angry customers Blizzard. Can we expect a free day? would we notice a free day when the next bill arrives, that it is a day later. No of course not but the gesture would be nice.

Oops this was obviously a serious problem and possibly related to the increasing complexity of the Blizzard portfolio.

As it turned out with all Europeans logging on late evening, all the Celestial fights became condensed into a much smaller timeframe and as a result I was able to LFR and pick up 2 more Titan Runestones. I can now chance my arm or alternatively wait until next week, either way I can almost smell that Legendary cloak.

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