Thursday, 27 June 2013

I Should Be So Lucky

I have discussed RNG, loot and rewards many times before. The lucky people amongst us love the current system, and the unlucky people want to cut it's heart out with a spoon. None of my characters is wielding a weapon better than iLevel 476 and the reason for that is that is they require a certain amount of luck and some of us are usually very unlucky. On the Instance Podcast this week, Dills was bemoaning the fact that the Mogu Rune of Fate, (which seem to be everywhere now, although we can only carry 10) are supposed to be on a sliding scale to stop bad runs of luck. Dills estimates 15 coins used without a drop, which seems to be a little off, if the luck booster is working. Before Blizzard introduced this function I would have said that was fair game (welcome to my world).

Last night was a little strange, with the weekly server reset, I found myself back in the Barrens. I noticed that the area is exceptional quiet these days, and people have obviously got better to do, or easier ways to make 200 Valor. I have become accustomed to seeing purple items appear on the screen when looting, and the natural assumption is that it is the Kor'kron tokens. Not once but twice in a 5 minute people did I win Epic World Drops. These are now old hat and at iLevel 476 but the ring was a welcome additional for my Death Knight or Warrior.

The value according to WoWhead is  7,464G, which is skewed to this item being worth a fortune at the start of the expansion. The point I wanted to make is not about gold, but about the rarity of Epic World Drops. In 8 months I not seen a single one in raids, or general play, and then 2 drop in double quick time. When the odds of an Epic World Drop are around 0.01% then odds of 2 dropping are absolutely astronomical.

This week in Europe, the Euro Millions Lottery was won by 2 tickets and they shared the €187 million jackpot. The odds of winning the Euro Millions is 1 in 116,531,800, but those same odds are in place whatever the jackpot, so in my opinion if you are going to but a ticket you might as well do it when the jackpot is at a high level.

A story broke out back in a January that a Professional Footballer (Soccer) had won a £125,000 on the National Lottery (UK). The question on most peoples minds was why a Footballer felt the need to gamble in this way, when the top players can earn between £100,000 and £200,000 a week.

I guess some people are just lucky lucky lucky.

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