Thursday, 1 March 2012

Just Another Reset Day

In the 2 Months or so since patch 4.3 dropped, I have made numerous Deathwing kills in LFR. The items I covet most are the weapons. Every week I see them either not appear on the right character or simply lose badly on the roll.

Hunters have double the chance with the much sort after Polearm and less sort after but much more important Vishanka, Jaws of the Earth bow, which as a Dwarf I would of course prefer it to be a bow. The bow would provide much needed DPS and would stop me using my beloved PvP gun.

My LFR adventure started with a straightforward Ultraxion kill and a wipe on Warmaster Blackhorn. A wipe on Blackhorn, ok lets find another group. The next group is 3/8. My favourite I get a chance of a weapon and 250 Valor points for killing one dragon, that is my kind of deal. The raid goes swimmingly my personal DPS is well up on previous attempts, now for the shinnies.

Waiting anxiously for someone to loot the chest, the items popup on the screen. No Polearm but look there is the object of my affection sat at the bottom underneath the usual Rogue dagger. I quickly click Need, and cancel all the other objects. Time rolls by ever so slowly waiting for the clock to tick down. The raid is down to about 12 people. The results flash in, I slowly scroll up the list and find the bow. The first thing I notice is there are only 2 people needing the bow, I am in with a chance.

Underneath is the result but my brain is not computing, its a 50:50 chance is all I can think of. Finally I read the text properly and my heart sinks, this was my best chance ever and it still was not to be.

Uttering curses and damning my infamous bad luck, A trade window opens, and sat in the trade box is Vishanka. Is this person tormenting me? I cautiously click trade and the window disappeared. No message appears. I check the bags and there is no item. Did he want money? was he just tormenting me? Suffering from lag, the message appears that I have indeed received the bow. I quickly look through the list of people to thank him for this most gracious offer. "Cheers Mate" was the best I could come up with under the circumstances. The reply "Sorry mate I misclicked need, LOL"

A frantic emotional roller coaster had occurred in front of me lasting no more than 15-20 seconds. I went to whisper further thanks only to find he was no longer in the Raid. Thank you stranger I look forward to slaying many more Internet Dragons with my new bow.

On a side note and with much less drama my Shammy Healer came out with Maw of the Dragonlord.

A good night all round.

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