Thursday, 4 September 2014

Our House

Blog Names are very important. I applaud those of you who got in early and nabbed a good name for your Blog. Naming a blog about a player class by using one of the spell names is brilliant and we have some great examples like Blessing of Kings, and Icy Veins. As I wanted to write generally about WoW and I have a lot of characters to draw from I wanted to use something with a word play on Alt. At this point you realise all the best one have gone Altoholics Anonymous, and Alt:ernative Chat being prime examples.

When you have had several blog names be rejected you become happy when any pass the magical first step does not quite cut the mustard. I ended up with a nonsense word based on Alts, Cataclysm and Orgasmic. To be honest I was never entirely happy with title. Everybody else was far more inventive and original than mine and besides it is based on probably the worst WoW expansion which is nearly 2 expansion ago.

I was pondering the new expansion name Warlords of Draenor, which soon got changed to Warlocks of Draenor, but I am not Warlock centric and besides that name has probably already gone. On a similar vein there is something quintessentially WoW about Murlocs. They have popped up throughout WoW's history and are normally the butt of Blizzard jokes like Grunty the Murloc Marine.
Grunty - Giveaway from Blizzcon 2009
In vanilla WoW Murlocs were a pain in the arse, and fighting one would normally mean fighting the entire camp. Classic examples could be found in Wetlands and Stranglethorn Vale, but in the Burning Crusade Expansion Isle of Quel'Danas they got a renaissance when as part of the dailies you needed to free the Murlocs to attack their Naga overlords. In Wrath of the Lich King they had a swathe of coastline and a cave in Borean Tundra, but since then we have not seen a lot of the amphibious Humanoids.

Now is the time to properly honour our little scaly friends and instead of a another Horde centric expansion we should have a return of the gobble, with Murlocs of Draenor. That way I am totally in with the smart kids after reserving the blog name several months ago.

I know that some of the Bloggers have tried multiple blogs before the Grumpy Elf has 4 different blogs, Alt:ernative Chat started another blog for spoilers but soon put a stop to that.

My questions are thus:
  1. Should I pack up my home and move to a new blog name (namely Murlocs of Draenor)
  2. Stay put and forget I ever wrote this post?
  3. Play around with different content on different blogs?
Seriously folks I would really value your opinion on this one.


  1. I'd say stay put. My other blogs never worked out personally. I forgot about them and actually should delete them as nothing has been written on them in years. Unless you have the intention to do something completely single focused on another blog then having everything in one is not a bad idea.

    You actually made me want to go back to do more short stories for my tauren hunter. lol But the gnome priest and hunter challange blogs I should shut down.

  2. Mr ingvaar here and concur with Mr elf.being a reader with not always lots of time I like being able to find ya and catch up on your writings,if the name changed I'd probably be head scratching then harassing ya in guild chat.maybe if there was some crossover or link so people returning to read can still find ya that be ok.I'll support ya which ever u settle on

  3. Hi, I actually like the name Altaclysmic, and definitely prefer it to Murlocs of Draenor. I think the name MoD ties the blog to that expansion too much, much more so than Altaclysmic does with Cata. Just my 2 cents...

  4. Thanks all for your input. It would appear I am remaining here for the foreseeable future.

  5. "Murlocalypse", it's a natural evolution, only one thing worse than a cataclysm that an apocalypse!

    In all seriousness, I'd leave well alone. Brand identity and all that jazz...