Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Blood Brothers

Recently I have spent some time playing with my Blood Death Knight, and I have written previously about how this fascination started and my first tentative steps. I have 5 characters capable of Tanking yet I have only ever felt the inclination to do so on my Paladin. It was tanking by numbers and whilst I could always generate enough threat, it used to drain my mana, and would require regular pitstops between each pull. The Go Go Go LFG's resulted in a switch to Holy and the experiment was laid to rest for 2 expansions.

During Cataclysm, I switched to PvP instead of trying the Zul's and it was in one such battleground that encountered the Death Knight PvP tank. Not overly dangerous, but impossible to damage, never mind kill.

Since encountering Janingvaar I have built my own Sherman tank, with 3 pieces of Tanking gear courtesy of the Trolls who are stockpiling the Kor'kron resources for the impending siege of Orgrimmar. I could amass more Tanking gear but it does not seem to matter for what I require.

I have extended my limits by attempting to accumulate more and more mobs with each pull, and providing I have the time to start spreading diseases then I have more than enough regenerative skills, and spell shields to survive. I got so confident that I started tackling Kor'kron Commanders, and was rewarded by some kind words from my fellow scavengers.

Boosted by this new found confidence I even ventured into the Slave Pens to confront Ahune the seasonal boss. When this boss was first introduced, a good group would kill on the second appearance and a bad group would kill on the third. This group I was in managed it on the 6th or 7th appearance. It was a long boring fight and hard work for a new Tank who was also topping the charts on about 40K. The bottom placed DK was on 13K and appeared to only have one spell in his repertoire, Blood Boil. Needless to say this bottom feeder died halfway through the fight (I am not sure how this possible unless you can't stay out the bad), making this whole fight longer than it should been. When the Tanking Cloak dropped I was overjoyed that there was a reward for the hard work. I searched in my bags to find the new cloak, only to discover that Doucebag Karl the crap DK had nicked it in a Need roll. It took me awhile to calm down and I was not going to attempt another 10 tanking attempts in the hope of seeing it again. Everybody knows that the odds are stacked against Tanks, in an attempt by Blizzard to get them to stay in these useless groups.

My one tanking experience in Pandaria was tainted, but I think I will attempt tanking again, but only in the safer confines of a Guild run.

Last night I found a mail from my new best mate, Janingvaar who thinks that he can tweak my build for the better. I am all ears for my first lesson.

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